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WOWIO Update

If it’s possible, I love WOWIO more now than I even did before. As I mentioned in my previous entry, WOWIO is a free service for downloading free ebooks, and they are doing a giveaway where if you refer 10 people to the service, you get a free iPod shuffle.

Within five days of receiving an email from WOWIO about the promotion (I’ve had an account with them since September), I had my 10 referrals and I filled out the simple form (just my address and daytime phone number) to claim my iPod shuffle.

During that time, I had a slight bit of trouble with one of my referrals crediting. He did everything right, but it simply didn’t show up. So I emailed WOWIO, and they responded in less than 20 minutes with “No problem. Just tell us his email address, and we’ll credit you.”

WOWIO is by far one of my favorite online services now! If you decide to sign up, please put

as your referrer, so that my friend will get credit toward his free iPod shuffle. This goes whether you sign up for the free ebooks or for your chance at the shuffle – either way, you have to sign up, and it won’t help you any to NOT put him as your referral, but it will help him if you DO.

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  1. regis

    Wowio appreciates your enthusiasm! Thanks for your support.
    Regis Maher

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