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Back to Basics #0: Introduction

“Back to Basics” is a new series I’ll be doing, looking into the basics of personal finance. Most of the people that I know hate personal finance because they hate math. I like math – which, apparently not only makes me weird, but makes people ask me “then why were you a film major, and not a math major?” Well, because math majors are really, really boring people (at least, the one that I’ve met is).

But I digress. In “Back to Basics,” I won’t just go over the definitions of things, because that could get really boring, really fast. And I’ll try not to use too much math, either. Instead, we’ll look at ways to maximize the basic aspects of personal finance, which will in turn largely put things on autopilot.

And autopilot is good, because it means less math for you!

Yes, I know you’re just brimming with excitement over the idea of “not math,” but please, try and hold it in – I just had the blog’s carpets cleaned.

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