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Be Cool – Buy Your First Car from a Grandparent

n1358640013_30001258_7240 It doesn’t necessarily have to be your grandparent, but buying your first car from a member of the elderly community has some awesome perks. My car (nicknamed Fity Thou’) serves as the example of what a sweet deal you could land.

Why My Granny Car Ownz:

  • I got it for $2000 and was allowed to pay monthly, with no interest. Grandmas are so sweet!
  • Low mileage. I got it in November and it didn’t even hit 50,000 miles until yesterday (see the sweet picture I forced my passenger to take).
  • Taken care of well. When my grandfather was alive, he made sure it saw regular checkups. My grandmother continued the trend, and she didn’t drive it much anyway (see “low mileage” above).
  • All leather interior.
  • Random perks left inside, specifically for me. I think she gave me two ice scrapers and three boxes of tissues.

If you’re shopping for a first car for yourself or (heaven help you) a teenage child, consider moseying your way up to the nearest retirement community.

8 responses to “Be Cool – Buy Your First Car from a Grandparent”

  1. Angela

    Whenever I was in between cars, I would always borrow my grandmother’s and although it is nearing 20 years old, it still hasn’t even hit 100,000 miles. Old ladies are incredibly good at taking care of cars.

  2. Jennifer

    I used to work in an assisted living place and the residences were allowed to drive if they were licensed etc.

    The mostly never had to drive though. I mean food delivered to your door cooked and all.

    There was almost constantly a car for sale there. You can ask the desk lady who drives for the most part. You will probably have to also deal with a loving family member, but definite good deals to be had.

  3. jos

    i wish i could have gotten a car from my grandparents… but with about 9 cousins and 4 or them around the same age they didnt want to play favorites or be unfair… bummer… currently my grandfather has a 1997 camry, its got under 60k and its been driven form ct to fl many times…

  4. Jim

    I got my first car from my grandma for $1 in 1997, almost the cost of a gallon of gas at the time. It was a 1984 Pontiac Sunbird with over 100k miles, nothing automatic, no bells, or anything. The color was supposed to be a light blue but it was mostly rusted. Even though the outside looked like crap, I cleaned it up and drove it to work and school with pride because I owned it. The rust though eventually got to it and parts started falling out the bottom of the car. The nail in the engine happened when a knock in the engine, which at this point had over 200k miles, she had enough. Old cars you can buy off grandparents can be great deals rather than making a huge car payment you can’t afford.

  5. KMull

    That’s a fantastic idea. Older folks usually take really good care of their cars.

  6. my first used car

    Haha… great article. I love the 3 boxes of tissues left. I think every elder person has at least 2 boxes of tissues in their car. One being unopened just in case of emergencies. Buying cars off elders is brilliant by the way. I think every car I buy now is going to be off the elderly. I wish my first car was owned previous by a little old lady. It was a ’78 honda civic. That thing was a piece. Thanks for the tips.


  7. kstock

    That is great! I’m going to post a “Cars Wanted” sign at a Florida Assisted Living facility in town. I sure do miss my grandma. she bought a brand new couch and had plastic covering over it from day one. My dad tells me that she never threw ANY food away. She would use all leftovers in other meals.

  8. Cara

    I proudly drive my grandmother’s old 2001 Buick Century! Its yet to hit 100,000 and had a roll of quarters in the glove box when I first got it.

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