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Identity Theft Week: Pre-Game

Get ready everyone, because for the next week, we’re going to talk about nothing but identity theft here on PTY. Why? Honestly, because I have a bunch of posts pent up about identity theft. But more importantly, because it’s about the scariest thing that can happen to you financially. It’s one thing to dig yourself into a hole – it’s another thing to have someone else do it for you.

So be excited. Identity theft, yay! (Well, no, not really. Boo to identity theft!)

If you want to go ahead and bookmark this post, I’ll be updating it with links to all of the identity theft posts I put up this week. Or, you could just make it easy on yourself and subscribe to my RSS feed in your handy-dandy feed reader.

Identity Theft Week Posts:

Jury Duty and Other Identity Theft Scams
High Schoolers: Beware of Identity Theft
Tips and Tricks to Get Your Identity Stolen!
Identity Stolen! Now What?

and more!*


One response to “Identity Theft Week: Pre-Game”

  1. mahdi yusuf

    haha very interesting, at first looked like you were teaching people how to do it!! love the theme layout, did you make it yourself?

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