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ING Direct Orange Savings and Electric Orange Referrals

ING referrals have moved here: $25 ING Referrals. Sorry about the inconvenience, but it was a bit of a pain to upkeep two pages of referral links!

3 responses to “ING Direct Orange Savings and Electric Orange Referrals”

  1. Jason

    Hi Steph,

    Gotta few questions about ING as I’m thinking of opening an account with them for my emergency fund.

    1. Is there a minimum amount of time the initial $250 needs to remain in the account before the $25 bonus in received?
    2. How long do the fund transfers usually take between your bank and ING?
    3. How many times can you refer someone?


  2. Princess Pucci

    Okay you posted this in 2007 we are now in 2012 does this still work?

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