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Get $10 for and Cook by the Numbers: Lazy Sunday

It’s time for another Lazy Sunday – I’m sick, so I’m trying to stay in bed as much as possible. Apparently “staying in bed” means “taking two trips to the mall,” but I must never end my search for a pair of pants that actually fit me! Anyway, here’s your Lazy Sunday picks for today:

Coinstar is offering a an extra $10 Amazon gift certificate when you convert $30 worth of change into an Amazon gift certificate. Hmm… might be time for me to head to that coin counting machine! Coinstar doesn’t charge a fee if you get your money in the form of a gift certificate, but it does if you get your money in the form of cash.

There’s an article over at Christian Personal Finance that I absolutely adore called Money doesn’t solve money problems. This is the message I wish I could get through to all of my friends who say “I am too broke to save,” or “I don’t make enough money to do anything about it.” Personal finance all comes down to one simple behavior: spending less than you earn, no matter how much you earn.

Need more evidence that money doesn’t solve money problems? Look at these lottery winners who ended up worse off than before they won!

If you’re anything like me, you have a lot of really random stuff in your kitchen, and have no idea what you could make with it all. That’s where the site Cooking By Numbers comes in really handy – just check off the foods you have in your kitchen and VOILA! Recipes you can make, sorted by difficulty!

Lastly, here’s a sure-fire way to turn your kids into tax-free millionaires. Just do me a favor if you do this – teach them financial responsibility as well, so that instead of dumping out their Roth IRAs at age 18, they start contributing to them. I mean, don’t you want them to be happy, healthy, successful multi-millionaires?

4 responses to “Get $10 for and Cook by the Numbers: Lazy Sunday”

  1. ChristianPF

    Thanks for the link!!

  2. Ryan

    So, uh. Can I go to the bank and take out $30 in quarters and go to the nearest coinstar machine to get an extra ten bucks in gift certificate?

  3. Ryan

    Mission accomplished. I did it twice, one for me and one for my wife (I’ll send mine to my college roommate down the street.) We’re both grad students and buy books quarterly on Amazon. So hey! That’s a 33% return on our money! Not bad ; )

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