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Poorer Than You is on Strike


What does this mean?
There will be no new entries on Poorer Than You until the end of the WGA strike. I may respond to the occasional comment on old posts, and I encourage discussion in the comments section of this post. But there will not be any new content.

But Stephanie, you’re not a member of the WGA!
True. This is a showing of solidarity toward my fellow writers. It may seem silly, but due to my connections to the film and television industries, I feel deeply moved to action by all of this. I don’t feel content to sit by and simply be an observer.

You’re not hurting anyone but yourself by doing this.
Perhaps. I am not really sticking it to “the man” by doing this, as I answer only to myself and my readers on this blog. However, I’m hoping to at least raise some awareness of the cause. Also, I feel that because I have advocated (on this very blog) digital and internet formats for watching television, I need to do this. Writers should be fairly compensated when their work is released in any format.

You’re just looking for an excuse not to update.
You might think that, and I don’t blame you. But I’d like to remind you that I do make income from this site, and striking puts my already precarious finances in jeopardy. I am, in fact, putting my money where my mouth is by doing this.

Where can I find out more about the strike?
The Writers Guild of America website
Why We Fight – a video explaining the reasons behind the strike
Support the WGA Stike!
United Hollywood – unofficial blog by a group of strike captains

Please consider visiting these websites and supporting the WGA strike in any way you can. Thank you.

17 responses to “Poorer Than You is on Strike”

  1. Hamburger Flipper

    The Hamburger Flippers of America don’t think too highly of the WGA. If anyone in this country is underpaid, it’s us, and you don’t see us going out on strike.

  2. Punny Money

    Wow, this is really cool Stephanie. I mean, it’s a shame we won’t get to see you blog for likely months, maybe a year or more; but it’s nice to see people taking big actions to support their causes. Way to go!

  3. mooman

    this is silly.

  4. Flexo

    Thanks for bringing the issue to my attention. I was aware of the strike but I did not know these details behind it.

  5. Brandon Barkley

    Hamburger Flipper – Interestingly I have been reading Fast Food Nation recently and some of the discussion on how one problem in fast food is that they are so staunchly anti-union.

    Basically, my point is, if you were in a union then you could strike for being underpaid, but you are not so you are screwing yourself. If you feel so strongly that you are underpaid, you should try to organize.

    Stephanie: At first I thought this was silly, but then I read your post and remembered your film connections and I think it is pretty admirable. Good luck!

  6. Geoff

    I have mixed feelings on your action. Part of me thinks “good on you Stephanie for sticking to your principles.” As a former vegetarian I know that’s not easy to do sometimes.

    However part of me wonders if this is the most effective and smart action to take. Couldn’t you still blog and write about the strike spreading awareness that way. If the strike goes on for months or even longer your readers will desert and forget about you – who will go to a blog that doesn’t update. And you will lose your voice, a voice that could help that and other causes. Not to mention putting a stop to your financial blog.

    I urge you to reconsider and find other ways to emphasize and show your solidarity with the writers.

  7. Spazeboy

    Geoff, I think there is an easy Stephanie can keep a great deal of her readers after a prolonged strike — push the RSS feed.

    I’m subscribed to PTY in Bloglines and when she starts updating again, I’ll be reading. But you’re right that traditional readers who click on their PTY bookmark every day or so will probably get out of that habit if a lot of time passes without seeing a new posts.

    Stephanie, I think you should make a quick update to your post encouraging your readers to subscribe via RSS so they can stay in the loop and be among the first to know when you resume posting.

  8. Давид

    I support the writers. The public supports the writers.

    NPR reports that 64% of general public support the strike, while 4% are against it. That’s a 16 to 1 margin!

  9. David

    While I support the writers (coming from an entertainment background here in LA), I also think both parties should hurry this along and compromise, which neither wants to do. There are tons of people relying on the industry to pay the rent, the mortgage, feed their kids, etc….but they cannot work nor get paid because of the strike. This strike affects everyone in the industry depending on that paycheck at the end of the week, not just the writers. I would be furious if I was still in the industry and not getting paid my salary because of the strike. That being said, they do deserve the money they are owed for the work they produce – I just hope both parties can agree on a compromise. Kudos to you Stephanie for doing what you feel is right with your site. Long time readers will always come back.

  10. JW Thornhill

    This is unfortunate, because I really enjoyed reading your blog on a regular basis. Good Luck!

  11. Dividend Machine

    I love your blog!!!Im putting a link to your page.
    I hope the strike ends soon.

  12. Larry

    Kinda Dumb when you think about it. SO people will stop coming to your site and forget about it and you will lose all you have worked for so far. Your choice I guess but I’m not coming back.

  13. TooMuch

    My husband is obsessed with the strike! He follows all the news and gives me daily updates on what is going on and all that jazz. I think he feels some how connected because we would someday like to live in sunny California! He also thinks the “CBS Your Nut” campaign is too awesome. We love it when people stand up for themselves and what they believe! Yeah writers! Keep fighting!!!!

  14. Alvin

    if you say your income comes from this blog? Then how are you going to sustain yourself? But i admire your spirit. 🙂

  15. Давид

    @Alvin: I don’t think she makes all of her income from her blog.

    I get income from my checking account, but that one dollar per month does not sustain me.

    Stephanie, happy holidays. We support your cause and we miss your blog. Hope to see you online soon.

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