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Time for Poorer Than You to Get a New Look?

There was a time, a little over a year ago, when I loved the layout of this blog. Green! That’s my favorite color! And it’s the color of money! What’s not to love about this theme?

Then I looked at it for a year. And on other monitors, where it burned my eyes. I’m sure there are a lot of you reading this who hate this layout as much as I do. [Side note: if you hate the layout but love the content, you can save your eyes by subscribing to my RSS feed or getting site updates sent right to your email.]

So I’m wondering if anyone out there knows someone who’s really good at designs, and knows WordPress really well… and works for cheap. I had someone lined up a few months ago, but he got some awesome job and moved away… such is my luck!

11 responses to “Time for Poorer Than You to Get a New Look?”

  1. No Debt Plan

    Considering you are in debt, I would use one of the thousands of free templates running around out there. Google “free wordpress template” or something like that, there are a ton of sites.

  2. Dave

    I get plenty of hits with my blog, even though it has the default wordpress skin =P.

    I recommend finding something simple and plain… then talk to me or someone else that knows how to make minor changes to it to make it your own.

    It’s not like you don’t have technical friends that can make changes. 😉

  3. Dan

    Dave get a 1 million hits a month [abs. unique] so he knows!

    But seriously there are some nice templates out there. I agree the best route is to go with a template and then some slight customization (thats what my site is).

    You really just need to find someone with some CSS skills, I can help you out if your short on people (pro bono too!).

    I don’t think looks == hits tho, but it helps with the retina burning that’s for sure.

  4. Chris

    I could help out as well. I use to design/code for a while but dropped out but I am now getting back into the game. To be honest, I recommend the free route as well. Noupe has a list of some nice looking themes which you could use to tweak.

    And CSS is my bitch. I strive for meeting web standards and making it the site look all the same in all browsers. And this comment form with white on green hurts my eyes.

  5. Chris

    Exactly what are you looking for then? True, there’s a load of templates but most allow you to narrow your preference. Are you looking for 2-3 column layouts, minimal, full of graphics, text only, the list goes on.

  6. Lindsey

    E. Webscapes is an awesome WordPress design company – the owner wrote the book “WordPress for Dummies”!

  7. Christina

    Are you still looking for a new layout? (I recently came across your blog) If so, Goofy Girl does some designing on the side in word press– Hope this helps 🙂

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