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Update: Bought a Bike

It's not broken, it's resting!Those of you who advised me on whether or not I should buy a bike (and what kind) will be happy to know that I bought one! I answered a listing on the Facebook Marketplace about a bike for sale, and paid $20 for a women’s bike with a bent wheel. I’m going to have to replace the wheel, which will be another $30, but I’m content with that.

I looked several places, including Craigslist, and made plans to visit some bike stores and ask questions. But then the listing for a $20 broken bike popped up on my Facebook page, so I made an appointment to check it out. I took my boyfriend, who very un-helpfully shrugged at me most of the time (even though he supposedly knows more about bikes that I do).

But the bike is in good shape (aside from the back wheel!) and looks good for what I need, so I bought it. Hopefully we’ll get it in working order before summer “vacation” hits, so that I can take advantage of a more lax schedule.

I absolutely recommend, if you’re a Facebook user already, that you use the Marketplace feature for both your “wanted” and “for sale” classifieds. I’ve bought and sold textbooks on there before, and it works pretty well. The nice thing is that it puts the listings in your area, and it pops up on your friends’ pages, so you might just be able to make a transaction with someone you already know!

I’ve got a bike! 🙂

16 responses to “Update: Bought a Bike”

  1. Fabulously Broke

    I got a new bike too 🙂 But not for $20 lol

  2. Lazy Man and Money

    I’m going to have to check out Facebook Marketplace. I’m kind of new to Facebook in general and haven’t really found the value there. This is finally something of definable value.

  3. Pam Grundy

    Hey congratulations on the new wheels! I got my bike for $5 at a yard sale. All it needed was air in the tires: It’s great. I never suspected when I bought it that it would become my main means of transportation though. Good thing I sneaked in before the crowd, huh? Enjoy!

  4. Trent Hamm

    I got my bike at a “recovered bike” sale at a local university, where they sell the bikes that people abandon/forget on campus. Excellent deals.

  5. Monty Loree

    Congrats on getting the bike. It’s a bit of a lifestyle change to ride the bike, however it’s a lot more cost effective.

    My lease ran out on my car, and I said that I’m not getting another car until I lose 85 lbs. I’ve been bicycling since March 1st and am getting into pretty good shape.

    Riding a bike is not as convenient as driving a car, however, I’m saving lots of money, and losing my 85 lbs!!

  6. Myfinancebutler

    Congrats on the new ride!

    get that wheel fixed (definitely), and get out there!

  7. Myfinancebutler

    Oh, and I second the Facebook marketplace. Not as dependable as craigslist or ebay, but when something comes through, it’s usually good (and convenient).

  8. SavingDiva

    Biking is my main mode of transportation in the summer/spring/fall. With the gas prices increasing, I don’t think I can afford to drive anyway!

  9. Bike

    Congrats! I have always wanted to get a bike. they make for great exercise.

  10. eca

    useful post. thanks

  11. Super Sean

    That was a bargain if you asked me 😉 Hopefully you fixed it for a change.
    You inpired me to check my facebook marketplace right now, so see ya and best regards 😉

  12. Zak

    Sweet deal! Thanks for the tip, it’s time to go to the Facebook marketplace and see what deals I can find 🙂

    1. Sushant

      I don’t think you’ve thought this tuoghrh. I hope you like staying home on rainy/snowy days. Nobody will want to go anywhere with you because you won’t be able to drive them and nobody likes the guy who asks for rides all the time. Have fun being a hermit

  13. Lorne Marr

    I have been both selling and buying on ebay, but I never tried to do something like this on Facebook. I guess I just don’t trust Facebook as much as ebay or Craigslist. Recently, I started using Facebook a lot and your post makes me think about giving the marketplace app a try. Thanks!

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