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Blog Carnivals: Insane Redesign Edition

How long have I been saying that this site is undergoing a redesign? Too long, that’s for sure. But now we’re entering the final stages of it, and PTY will look very, very different, very soon. I hope you like it when it finally happens! But for now, I’m dog-tired. Probably because I take on too many different things at once. In addition to finishing the site redesign, I’m also looking for “real job,” and I started another website. But we’ll talk about that last part later. 😉

For now, here are the blog carnivals that PTY participated in last week:

168th Festival of Frugality at Funny About Money
Carnival of Personal Finance #195 at

Check them out! Blog carnivals are a great place to find fresh and awesome articles on a variety of subjects.

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