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Net Worth Update: March 2009

Today is a big, busy day for me. It’s April Fool’s Day, obviously, which always leaves me fairly busy. I’m a big prankster on any normal day, so people are generally very leery of me on April 1st. But I promise: no April Fool’s Jokes in this post – just straight talk about my net worth changes in March.

Also, April is Financial Literacy Month! It probably seems like every month is Financial Literacy Month here at Poorer Than You, but I’ll be doing a few very special things to celebrate this April. Be on the lookout for cool stuff here on the site (as always, the best way to keep up with site updates is by subscribing, either through RSS or email).

On to my favorite day of the month… net worth update day!

Change: $177 or 0.46 %

Net Worth Graph March 2009

Yay, another “up” month! That’s three months in a row… nearly four in a row, since December was only down by $6. Cross your fingers, folks – I think we truly are making it through the “valley,” and my net worth will generally climb upward from here on out. Which isn’t to say there will never be a down month again, just that there’s a general trend emerging (finally).

Income: School’s over and thus so is my on-campus job, forever. But March was actually rather good for me, income-wise. Poorer Than You does make some money, and it did really well in March. I’m not sure if March was a temporary boost, or if this is something I can sustain for a while, but I’m obviously hoping for the latter. (If for some reason you want to help, the best thing you can do is recommend PTY to a friend you think would like it.)

Spending: Kept it pretty low-key this month, although I did have a guilt-attack that lead to me buying something like $25 worth of junk food at the grocery store. Perhaps not smart, but now I have a junk food stockpile to hold me over for the foreseeable future. Which, considering the rate I go through Little Debby snacks and Oreos, means until about next Tuesday. Nothing makes me miss the incredibly overpriced meal plan from college like having to pay real money for fake nutrients.

Student Loans: Didn’t pay off my student loan interest in March. For whatever reason, my loans haven’t come out of “in school deferment” yet. I blame my college’s wacky “quarter system” (in place of a traditional semester system). I’m monitoring the account for changes, and holding off on making any payments until I get emails about “exit interviews.”

Lending Club: The balance of my Lending Club account is now included in my net worth, under “other” in assets. I considered all sorts of ideas on how to value the balance, including Net Present Value calculations that left me staring at my financial calculator’s instruction manual for far too long. I decided “bah!” to that and just put it down as the principal of the loans plus what’s sitting in my account from payments. I’m not even including accrued interest, because it hasn’t really “accrued” until I get paid. Easy-peasy.

Although the job search continues, March was a fairly fine month, if I do say so myself. On to April!

For a look at my assets and liabilities, check out my NetworthIQ for March. For an explanation of the categories I use, check out the bottom of my entry about February 2008’s net worth balance.

7 responses to “Net Worth Update: March 2009”

  1. Ibrahim |

    I really like the idea of tracking your net worth, I think I’m going to sign up and track my financial health this way.

    Obviously you are partial to networthiq, any tips on starting out with it?

  2. Baker @ ManVsDebt

    I’ve been wanting to use NetWorthIQ for a while now and just put in my info for the first time in the last view days!

    Thanks for the update on your personal journey. These updates are one of my favorite parts of personal finance sites.

    Keep up the progress! We are rooting for ya!

  3. Eric

    It looks like you have hit the bottom and are really on the way up now. Good job!

    @Ibrahim: Many PF bloggers use NetWorthIQ and I jumped on the bandwagon as well. I wrote an in depth post about it here:

  4. Ibrahim |

    Thanks for the tips Stephanie. They will definitely be useful when I start making these decisions.

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