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Financial News on Twitter

The following is a guest post from Lewis Bennett, who is interested in anything financial. He writes for a Life Insurance website based in the United Kingdom.

Twitter mania is in full force. The micro blogging and social networking site is being used by everyone from President Obama and Britney Spears to the average person on the street. birdfeed by striatic on Flickr

The service is free to use over the web and allows users to send 140 character text-based updates, known as tweets. Users can send and receive these updates via the Twitter website, or through a number of other applications.

Financial news companies have seen the potential and have been using Twitter to help give their readers immediate access to their newsrooms. The following websites have taken the lead:

CNN Money – International business and financial news from CNN.

New York Times Business – Up to date business news from

BBC Business – The British Broadcasting Corporation’s financial twitter home page.

Financial Advice – Provides current financial news and advice for the UK and international markets.

The Wall Street Journal – Current updates from the Wall Street Journal.

Financial Times – Based in Hong Kong, London, & New York; Financial Times provides world business, finance and political news.

Many of these pages also feature sub-feeds relating to other areas of news and finance.

If you like to keep current on business news then Twitter is a quick and easy way to view everything going on around the world in real time. Happy tweeting!

Stephanie’s Note: In addition to big-name financial news networks, you can also find some of your favorite personal finance bloggers on Twitter. For example, my own tweets can be found at

5 responses to “Financial News on Twitter”

  1. VF

    For those interested in real estate, there’s also a good real estate news twitter account at

  2. Jesse

    The big names are useful but I really prefer the real people. I was looking for your twitter id, thanks for puttin that up there. Some of the other big names in the pf blog world are very interactive and fun to talk to on twitter, like Jim at bargaineering.

  3. VF

    Jesse – the NPR planet money crew is good on twitter. @planetmoney

  4. Jesse

    I will have to check them out and hit em up for some answers. Thanks VF

  5. Barry Hertz

    This is a great list, I follow CNNMoney and WSJ, and for general financial news, I follow up on

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