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Personal Finance for GenY – Interview on “Ask Mr Credit Card”

Yesterday I had the pleasure of being interviewed on the Ask Mr Credit Card radio show. Mr Credit Card and I spent an hour discussing much of my past (like that time I dropped out of school), my thoughts on Generation Y finances, and what to do about money in college. You can stream the interview in the widget below, or you can download the MP3 on the show page.

00:41 – That story about how I dropped out of school
03:03 – Federal student loan limits
04:31 – The danger of applying to college “early decision”
06:01 – Statistic from this post: Can College Students Handle Credit?
07:20 – High school seniors making decisions about student loans
09:46 – Every actor in Hollywood is a waiter
14:06 – The story of where my credit card debt came from
18:41 – Getting a 0% APR credit card to transfer my debt and pay it off
21:22 – The Debt Snowball and why I didn’t really use it
23:04 – That time my school threatened to send me to collections
25:45 – Moving: Making the Decision
27:34 – How Much Should You Spend on a Car?
30:12 – My many, many savings accounts
33:33 – A very old post, My Struggle With Emigrant
34:21 – Mint: online money tracking
36:30 – Exercise: budgeting for a house purchase
37:51 – Bankrate’s How much money can I borrow calculator
43:09 – Should parents pay for their kid’s education?
46:39 – Is It OK to Bridge the Gap With Credit Cards?
50:00 – Thought on macro economics in America

Thanks again to Mr Credit Card for having me on his show! Apparently I say “absolutely” a lot when I’m nervous. I think we could make a drinking game out of me saying “absolutely” in interviews…

8 responses to “Personal Finance for GenY – Interview on “Ask Mr Credit Card””

  1. Sam

    I’ll drink to that!

  2. Sam

    Also: I don’t know if this is my computer or the blog talk radio widget, but when I tried to play the interview, I got nothing, so I turned my sound all the way up. Then I tried to change the sound on the widget, and it gave me a loud burst of static that tried to deafen me. Now, even with my sound and the widget’s sound as low as they can go, I still just have loud static.

  3. me

    I can hardly hear “MR Credit Card”, btw nice interview.

  4. Hiro

    Very nice Stephanie..I currently run an interview focused financial site myself (Behind The Spread), and I get a lot out from the “experts” managing the site.

    Since I’m focusing primarily on investors, I don’t have any personal finance guys featured. Perhaps that’s something you can get into?

  5. Felix Zulauf

    Don’t you think that college loans are currently in a bubble? It just seems that the price of higher education cannot go any higher.

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