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Coming Up: “Better Together” Back to School Laptop Giveaway

It happened last year on my birthday. I alluded to it in last month’s net worth update. Yes, it’s happening: together with HP and Microsoft, I’m giving away a laptop bundle on Poorer Than You this month!

Better Together!As a part of a massive 25-blog giveaway called “Better Together” I’ll be giving away a delicious prize pack that’s designed specifically for college students:

You can learn much more about the two computers in the bundle on Thursday, because in addition to providing a bundle to give away, HP also loaned me a second bundle to review. So check back on Thursday for some in-depth descriptions! (Or subscribe to the RSS feed or you can subscribe by email!)

So when can you enter to win? And how? Well, just like last year, the details of “how” won’t be revealed until my specially assigned giveaway-day. But I can tell you when that will be! Here are all of the sites that will be holding one of these giveaways, and their giveaway dates:

Student Bloggers 12th August
Geek Zone 13th August
Kill Jill Goes to College 14th August
Study Successful 15th August
Gear Live 16th August
CampusGrotto 17th August
Poorer Than You 18th August
Notebooks 19th August
ThePrereq. 20th August
Hack College 21st August
College Times 22nd August
OSNN 23rd August
Green Panda Treehouse 24th August
Building Camelot 25th August
Mocha Dad 26th August
College Candy 27th August
Studenomics 28th August
The 2.0 Life 29th August
Geeks room 30th August
Debt Free Scholar 31st August
One Day One Job 1st September
Daddy Forever 2nd September
Clinton Fitch 3rd September
Zen College Life 4th September
Gear Diary 5th September

So get yourself back here on the 18th and enter to win!

5 responses to “Coming Up: “Better Together” Back to School Laptop Giveaway”

  1. Beth Bloom

    Your parents mentioned this to me when I was at the hospital. I know it has been awhile since I was a college student but I continue to be a student of life.

    Good luck with your move.


  2. Cara Taylor

    please enter me for draw. I really wanted a laptop, fingers crossed, eh?

  3. Wants Your $ @ Student Laptop Security

    Best of luck to everyone who enters the contest. If you win the laptop you consider software protection.

    Check out our website to learn how to protect your laptop at school.

  4. Amber Williams

    hello today is August 21 and it’s my 22nd birthday and I have just enrolled in college and have been accepted to University of Phoenix this is my first year and I’m going for medical administration. I am signed up for online courses but the thing is I qualify for finacial aid but i have to take my courses for atleast 4 to 6 weeks before I get the financial aid and I do not own a personal computer of my own so I have to drive 30 Miles away to my aunt’s house to do my courses so I could really use this laptop so that I can just do it from home so wish me Good luchk and Good luck to everyone thank you. Amber

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