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Birthday and National Museum Day!

Birthday LOLcatTwo years ago, I askedyou to buy me a beer for my 21st birthday. Last year, I gave away an HP laptop. This year, we’re going to the museum! Today is serendipitously both my birthday and National Museum Day, which gets you free access to many museums throughout the country. So go ahead, find a museum offering free admission to you today, and wish me a happy birthday in your mind as  you take advantage of the opportunity!

Want to get me a real present?

Oh alright, if you insist. Here’s what you could do:

Donate to something I care about, The Human Rights Campaign
Buy me something from my Wishlist (it will be shipped to me, even if you don’t know my address)
Tell someone who would benefit from it about Poorer Than You!

5 responses to “Birthday and National Museum Day!”

  1. Roger

    Well, happy belated birthday, my dear! I apparently need to do a better job keeping up with the blogs I follow if this announcement managed to slip by me. Anyway, although it is a bit belated, I hope you still appreciate the donation I made to your cause. Happy birthday, yet again!

  2. Urban Verve

    Nyahahaa.. Nooo.. It are my birthday!. 😀


    Iam a poor student i joined engineering and i need a laptop but i cant purchase pl help me sir

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