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Presenting Our New Author: Mortimer

Hey everyone! Stephanie here, long-time author and creator of, with a big, big announcement for you. From here on out, you’ll be seeing new blog posts three times a week (or so) from our newest author, Mortimer*!

You may have noticed my own infrequent posting, as well as my net worth increases that really take away from my own ability to claim that I’m “poorer than you.” Bittersweet, that writing this blog for several years has led me to a place where I no longer can really write it, because the name doesn’t apply anymore.

New PoorerThanYou Contributor, Mortimer But enough about me! I’ve brought in the brokest of my broke friends to take over writing duties for me, and thus keep PTY alive. Mortimer has an extensive background in being flat broke, and has all the trademarks of a “poorer than you” millennial:

  • A B.S. degree that’s not in a highly-sought-after field (Sociology, in Mortimer’s case)
  • More student loans than you can shake a stick at (just north of $60k when he graduated, which beats Stephanie out by $18k!)
  • Underemployment (part-time job, no benefits, slightly above minimum wage)
  • Unable to afford his own apartment (currently splitting a 1-bedroom with a roommate)
  • Car on its last legs (Mortimer calls his “Vera”)
  • Savings wiped out by one hospital visit a few years ago

But things are not all bad for Mortimer, so save your pity! First of all, Mortimer is on the road to great things – in agreeing to take over this blog and start writing about his most intimate financial details for public consumption, he’ll be working toward the same successes that I’ve enjoyed over the years.

Mortimer is working on his first blog post – an introduction and his first Net Worth update to share his starting point, so to speak. We’ll publish that as soon as it’s done, and Mortimer will generally take it from there – publishing articles, updates, and starting discussions on here the same way I did in earlier days of PTY.

My own archives will stay on the site, and I’ll even check in now and then to let you know how I’m doing and publish a few tips and frugal tricks, here and there. In fact, I’ll probably be publishing posts here along pretty much the same schedule I have been! You’ll just have lots of good stuff in between my posts from Mortimer to keep you entertained and informed.

Please follow me on Twitter, @stephonee, to keep tabs on any other projects I start in the future!

XOXO, Stephanie

*”Mortimer” is actually a pseudonym, because Mortimer is smarter than Stephanie and doesn’t necessarily want to go around on the internet writing about how broke he is, while using his real name. But he did agree to share a picture of himself – that one above!

Editor’s Note: April Fools! Sorry if you were fooled, but Mortimer is a complete work of fiction. At this time, there’s still just one blogger being Poorer Than You around here! 😀

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