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Career Tips For Recent Grads

Career Tips For Recent Grads

Once you’re out of college, all you want to do is step into the professional world and put all that you’ve learned during your academic years to good use. Good news is: that enthusiasm and motivation is going to help you a lot. But the bad news is: Things really aren’t that easy. Give it […]

College Students: Make Money by Getting Good Grades

College Students: Make Money by Getting Good Grades

Kyle Taylor is a blogger at The Penny Hoarder. Check out his blog to get 100’s of weird and wacky ways to make extra money. For many college students, money is tight. They might dig through the couch cushions to find entertainment money or return their pop bottles and cans for a deposit refund to […]

Rebuilding Your Credit

Rebuilding Your Credit

Jim Wang writes about personal finance and other money issues at his personal finance blog Many of us have made money mistakes. Additionally, some of us have had financial disasters to contend with. In any case, once the debts start to pile up, and payments are missed, the damage to your credit can be […]

Money can’t buy love! Here are 7 vital signs that you tend to ignore:

This week’s guest post comes from Dorothy Anderson, who is a finance blogger and recommends you be very careful before consolidating debts. Do you remember the song by Beatles? “….I’ll buy you a diamond ring my friend if it makes you feel alright, I’ll get you anything my friend if it makes you feel alright […]

5 Situations Where You Should Leave Your Credit Card in Your Wallet

This week’s guest post comes from Fred, personal finance writer at Credit Card Finder. He helps people to compare credit cards online. There are smart ways to use your credit card: you can keep your wages earning interest in a savings account while you spend on your credit card and pay it off at the […]

8 Techniques to Boost Your Emergency Fund

Just starting an emergency fund as a part of a New Year’s resolution? Trying to boost an existing one? No worries: the following guest post has you covered with some great tips on how to find a little cash for your “rainy day fund.” In this harsh economic environment, there is hardly a better time […]

Top 10 Films About Money

As a movie buff and film school graduate, this guest post is very near and dear to Stephanie’s heart. It combines two disciplines that she’s obviously obsessed with: movies and money. This article was contributed by the Canadian life insurance specialists at 1. There Will Be Blood (2007) A quote about the unabashed pursuit […]

Holiday Gift Giving on a Student Budget

Kathryn Katz is a working mom, internet marketer and professional copywriter. Kathryn is a Certified Personal Finance Counselor and works for Consolidated Credit Counseling Services. The non-profit credit counseling agency offers a Holiday Survival Guide to help shoppers navigate through holiday shopping. The holidays are right around the corner. You’ll be leaving the dorm to […]

8 Ways to Save Big in the Home Office

This week’s guest post comes from a talented guy named Tom. Like most people Tom spends five days per week working in an office, for an environmentally conscious supplier of cheap printer cartridges specializing in HP toners and ink where saving money and recycling is a mantra. You can read more of his work on […]

Working Through Finances in a Relationship Without Throwing a Punch

This post is part of the one day blog event “The Spectrum of Personal Finance.” In this event, comic book nerd Brian of My Next Buck, will discuss 8 different emotions (taken from the Green Lantern comic series) and relate them to personal finance. Here at Poorer Than You we will be looking at Rage. […]