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Back To Basics

When Will My Investment Double?

Today’s post is brought to you by the number 72! No really, it is. Because 72 is an awesomely useful number in the world of personal finance. It can be used to figure out when (approximately) your investment in something will double. It’s super easy. Let’s say you’ve got your money in a stock that […]

12 Things Every Teenager Needs To Know About Money (And How To Teach Them)

This is a guest post from Grant Baldwin, the author of Reality Check, a book about helping students transition into the real world. His new website,, answers questions from teenagers about personal finance, savings, and all things money. This series “12 Things Every Teenager Needs To Know About Money (And How To Teach Them)” […]

Stephanie’s Quick Start Financial Guide

I first started getting financially savvy by (yes, this is true) reading personal finance blogs. But I had a little bit of trouble with it, because there was just too much information – and a lot of it didn’t apply to me, at least until I knew where to start. So, if you anything like […]

Avoid Late Fees and Stay on Top of it All

Reader Hollie came to me with the following email: I owe just under $1,000 on my credit card. They really got me this last time. In July they tacked on the late fee because I didn’t pay by 2:00 on the deadlined day!Have you ever heard of this? Now it’s just getting worse every month. […]

I’ve Got a Job… Now What?

Two friends separately contacted me yesterday with the same question: “I have a full time job now… what do I do?” (They both play the trombone too, it’s kinda eerie.) I understand where they’re coming from. With a sudden influx of money comes this daunting feeling that you should really take control of your finances. […]

Back to Basics #4: Credit

I have a pet peeve. Actually, I have more than one of them. My number one pet peeve? People who say “ATM Machine.” But running a close second is when people mistake “credit” and “debt” to mean the same thing. I shouldn’t get so annoyed about it. Commercials, ads, banks… everyone throws the two words […]

Back to Basics #3: Checking Accounts

Savings accounts are cool and all, but sometimes, you actually want to be able to exchange your money for goods and services. Checking accounts make this easy to do, by allowing you to fill out a little form, appropriately named a “check,” handing over some of the money in your account to someone else. No […]

Back to Basics #2: Savings Accounts

Most people have (or know they should have) a savings account. But do you know how the money in your savings account works, and earns interest? How do banks work, anyways? Banks work by buying your money from you and selling it to other people. I’m not even kidding. When you put your money into […]

Back to Basics #1: Time

People are fond of saying “Time is Money!” Usually, people say this as some excuse not to be somewhere, or not to do something. Like, “Gee Stephanie, I’d love to stay here and help you organize your sock drawer according to a precise mathematical formula, but, uh, time is money!” *runs away* But my friends […]

Back to Basics #0: Introduction

“Back to Basics” is a new series I’ll be doing, looking into the basics of personal finance. Most of the people that I know hate personal finance because they hate math. I like math – which, apparently not only makes me weird, but makes people ask me “then why were you a film major, and […]