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Blog Carnivals

Carnival of Personal Finance #214: United States Presidents Edition

Welcome to the 214th Carnival of Personal Finance! Each week the carnival travels around the blogosphere, rounding up the best personal finance posts. This week’s theme is POTUS – the Presidents of the United States! Now I’m not the biggest history nerd you’ll ever meet, but I do have a soft-spot for things that are […]

Blog Carnivals: Playing Hostess Next Week Edition

Next week, Poorer Than You will being hosting the Carnival of Personal Finance! Submissions for the 214th edition are open until 5:00pm EDT on Sunday, July 19th. I’ve already picked a theme for this edition – U.S. Presidents! Yes, I know, not all PF blogs are written by people from the States, but you’ll get […]

Blog Carnivals: Adopted PFF Edition

Blog Carnivals: Adopted PFF Edition

This week I had the honorable privilege to adopt a personal finance blog: Personal Finance Firewall. Jesse has a great site going, and I am proud to call myself a subscriber! He made this cool banner to show off my adoption: I think the adoption system is a really neat idea, and I’ll be keeping […]

Blog Carnivals: Insane Redesign Edition

How long have I been saying that this site is undergoing a redesign? Too long, that’s for sure. But now we’re entering the final stages of it, and PTY will look very, very different, very soon. I hope you like it when it finally happens! But for now, I’m dog-tired. Probably because I take on […]

Blog Carnivals: Headachey Edition

Blargh – I’m sick! I babysat for my sick niece and nephew last week, so I am fairly sure I picked up a bug from one of them. I’m nowhere near as ill as they were – I don’t have a fever or anything, just a three-day-long sinus headache. Or maybe it’s due to the […]

This Week’s Blog Carnivals: Predictably Irrational Edition

This Week’s Blog Carnivals: Predictably Irrational Edition

Aside from hosting the Carnival of Twenty Something Finances, I participated in a couple more carnivals last week: The Finance Fiesta No. 3: The Spanish Money Proverbs EditionandThe Carnival of Personal Finance #157: Third Anniversary Edition Also this past week, Jim over at Blueprint for Financial Prosperity alerted me that Poorer Than You was mentioned […]

The Carnival of Twenty Something Finances

Hello, and welcome to the Carnival of Twenty Something Finances for June 16th, 2008! I’m Stephanie, and I’ll be your host as we highlight articles and posts from around the web-o-sphere that pertain to money matters for Generation Y. And I have to tell you, this opportunity to act as host has sent me on […]

This Week’s Blog Carnivals – Supernova Edition

The “Graduating?” series is wrapped up and I’ll admit – I’m kinda tired. Actually, I’m tired because I stayed up late last night discussing supernovas! (This conversation on supernovas may or may not have been sparked by a discussion on the end of the world or the reimagined Battlestar Galactica series.) Here are the blog […]

This Week’s Blog Carnivals

I’ve decided to jump back into participating in blog carnivals again this summer – I might even hop on the horse and host a few here! This week, my post about making smart choices while buying my new cell phone was accepted into the Carnival of Personal Finance at Money and Values. The first post […]

Carnival of Personal Finance #122 is up!

Before I get into the carnival and point out my favorites, I’d like to issue an apology. RSS feed subscribers were subjected to some wonkiness the last couple of days – not limited to duplicate items and truncated articles. I apologize – the feed was the injured party in my server move. I hope no […]