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Blog Carnivals

Shoutouts: CoPF and Win a Sexy Monitor!

JD over at Get Rich Slowly has posted a very special edition of the Carnival of Personal Finance for the carnival’s second anniversary: Greatest Hits Edition. Instead of the best articles from the last two weeks, JD asked everyone to submit their best article from the last two years. The result is more amazing articles […]

Check out the 99th Carnival of Personal Finance

The 99th Carnival of Personal Finance is up at Money, Matter, and More Musings – this is the Awesome Money Quotes Edition. My article about No Gas Day made the Travel and Vacation section. Here are some of the posts I most enjoyed from the carnival: The Coin Jar’s oldest daughter, a sophomore in college, […]

Call for Entries: Carnival of Credit Report Stories

I flew home on the red eye last night, and I’m battling some wicked jet lag right now. It’s taken me a five hour nap and three hours of staring blankly at my computer screen to get to the point where I feel I can actually write something intelligible. Regardless, this might end up unintelligible […]

Submit Your Credit Report Stories

This here is a head’s up to my fellow bloggers: my boys over at Millionster are going to be hosting the Carnival of Credit Report Stories on Monday, and since it’s still a baby in the Blog Carnival world (this will only be the third edition!), they need your help! So if you have an […]

Carnival of Personal Finance at Stock Market Beat

Well, the latest Carnival of Personal Finance is up, and it’s a doozy! My post, Money Advice for the College Student, Part III is included. I was on the fence about whether I should post Part I or Part III. I have been told that Part III is the strongest, so that’s why I chose […]

74th Carnival of Debt Reduction

Tricia runs one of my favorite blogs, Blogging Away Debt. This week, she’s hosting the 74th Carnival of Debt Reduction, which features a lot of great articles, including one of my own. Reading Tricia’s blog was one of the big inspirations in starting Poorer Than You. Speaking of Poorer Than You, I know I haven’t […]

Carnival of Personal Finance #86

Trent over at The Simple Dollar (a regular read of mine) is hosting the latest Carnival of Personal Finance. It’s quite a long one, and I’m still making my way through all the windows I opened from it! My post on the Five Things I’ll Do Once I Get a Job was included.

Carnival of Customer Service #3

The Carnival of Customer Service #3 is up over at CRM Lowdown. My article about Emigrant Direct is featured, so go check it out!

Festival of Frugality #57

FIRE Finance has post the Festival of Frugality #57, and put it in an excellent story form! It’s a hoot to read! (My submission made it, “Turn Up The Heat?“) I promise my next post will be something substantial. We’ve been in the middle of this dreaded ice storm up here, so I’ve been fighting […]

3 Blog Carnivals, and a Partridge in a Pear Tree

Can I just say “Whoa!?!” Poorer Than You made it into three different blog carnivals today! My post “Where Did That Come From?” about how I got into credit card debt, was featured in the Carnival of Credit Card #2 over at Credit Card Lowdown. “Decluttering More Than My Finances” was in the very first […]