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Moving: Titling, Registering, and Insuring Your Car

One of the fun things about moving from state to state in the US is that you now have a car with “out of state” plates! And by “fun” I mean “oh crap, this stinks.” Out-of-state plates can make you a target for cops, and some states even require that you title and register your […]

How Much Should You Spend on a Car?

Remember when we all got together and discussed whether my boyfriend should trade in his rust bucket for something a little less… rusty? Well, the car is still going strong, but with an upcoming move out of state and a new job on the horizon, the rust bucket’s retirement looms near. We’re not rushing off […]

Should You Ditch Your Car to Save Money?

It’s been two-and-a-half years since I started this blog about being really, really broke. In that time, one suggestion has been given to me over, and over, and over again: Get rid of your car! Save on gas money, insurance, and maintenance! Walk/bike/use public transportation instead! Partly this is due to some confusion about where, […]

Ask the Readers: Replace the Car, or What?

Car troubles seem popular right now – not for my car, actually, but the high volume of friends complaining of costly repairs has left me resorting to voodoo rituals to keep my own car running smoothly (and boy, is my cat mad at me for it!). People come to me looking for guidance, but I […]

Be Cool – Buy Your First Car from a Grandparent

Be Cool – Buy Your First Car from a Grandparent

It doesn’t necessarily have to be your grandparent, but buying your first car from a member of the elderly community has some awesome perks. My car (nicknamed Fity Thou’) serves as the example of what a sweet deal you could land. Why My Granny Car Ownz: I got it for $2000 and was allowed to pay monthly, […]