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Reader Question: Student Loan to Pay Off Debts?

“Is taking out a student loan and using it to pay off most debts or at least ‘control’ the debts a wise idea in the long run?” – D First, a technicality: You can’t actually use a student loan for this purpose. Student loans are usually awarded with the stipulation that you use them for […]

No, I Don’t Think You Should Open a Roth IRA

I do, in fact, have a love affair with the Roth IRA. (If you’re unfamiliar with it, J.D. has an excellent explanation of the Roth.) But, it is an unrequited love – the Roth does not love me back. Someday, it will. Someday, I will open my own Roth IRA and my money (and love) will […]

I’ve Got a Job… Now What?

Two friends separately contacted me yesterday with the same question: “I have a full time job now… what do I do?” (They both play the trombone too, it’s kinda eerie.) I understand where they’re coming from. With a sudden influx of money comes this daunting feeling that you should really take control of your finances. […]

State of the War Address

Greetings, my fellow debt-fighters. I stand here before you, a general in this War on Debt! Though I only enlisted some four months ago, I have been fighting this war for much longer… since The Debt led a sneak attack against me when I began my university education. But I have joined up, and I’m […]

Alternate Debt Snowball Theory: How Annoyed Are You?

There is a secret war going on in the personal finance blogosphere. No one talks about it openly, but it the battles break out everywhere. No blog post is safe! No blog post about “Debt Snowballing,” anyway. If you don’t know the Debt Snowball Theory, it goes like this: in order to pay off all […]