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My Net Worth

I’m kind of excited – now that January is over, I have the data from two months for NetworthIQ, and I can finally post my badge! When I only had data for December, it looked like I went from a net worth of $0 to -$25,000 in just one month! Now the badge is correct, […]

Free Books! Why Didn’t I Think of This Before?

Finally got out of the house today. I’ve been shut in the past few days, thanks to the holiday and the very beautiful ice storm (this picture of my ice laden yard was taken this morning). Besides finally getting to the bank to deposit my rolled coins, my main objective was to hit up the […]

Beat the Campus Bookstore, Save on Textbooks

There’s been a lot of buzz around the financial blog community lately about saving money on textbooks. At The Simple Dollar, Trent suggests getting the Visa and using it only for textbooks, and paying it off immediately each time with your book money. I’ll have to keep this in mind when I go back […]

Free Sample #1: Dove Deodorant

We all love free stuff. While supplies last, get a free sample of Dove’s new Ultimate Clear Smooth Cashmere deodorant (click on the slip labeled “Free Sample”). It claims to go on perfectly clear, I personally can’t wait to test that!