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Frugal Life

How I Spend $20 (or less) Per Year Streaming Movies and TV

How I Spend $20 (or less) Per Year Streaming Movies and TV

[I’ve been talking to an old college friend (ha! old! college was like 7 years ago!) about how much he spends on certain things and services that, well, the rest of us pay probably-way-too-much for. When he said that he paid $20/year for all of his streaming video, I dared him to prove it, in […]

Downsizing: We’re Moving to a Tiny House!

Downsizing: We’re Moving to a Tiny House!

Update: Thanks to everyone who played along, but this was another one of my classic April Fool’s day pranks! Though I love the tiny house movement (especially looking at pictures of them), moving into one isn’t actually in the cards for me at this time. But aside from “actually moving into a tiny home” the […]

Coupons from the Entertainment Book, Act 2

We didn’t get one last year because we were moving from one area to another, but this year, we’re all nice and settled. To put it bluntly, the boyfriend and I are coupon whores. We hate eating somewhere if we don’t have a coupon. Wow, that makes it sound like we’re being cheap. Frankly, we […]

Fees Suck – Don’t Pay Them

Even the word “fees” stinks. Think about it: it sort of reminds you of the word “fleas” (another terrible thing), and when you say the word “fees,” your face twists up into a terrible grimace to get the “ees” sound out. Don’t believe me? Go say the word “fees” into a mirror, and you’ll see […]

Change for Climate Change Without Breaking the Bank

I’ll admit it, I drank the Inconvenient Truth Kool-Aid when the movie came out in 2006. I’m a research type of gal – though the film was compelling, I spent hours researching the topic of climate change myself, and I continue to collect data and read reports to this day. (“Hey Stephanie, your nerd side […]

How Much Can You Save with the Entertainment Book?

How Much Can You Save with the Entertainment Book?

The Entertainment Book is a region-specific coupon book sold throughout the country. It’s often sold as a part of a fundraiser, where you pay a bit more for the book, but the proceeds go to the school or charity you bought it from. In July of 2008, my boyfriend ordered the 2008 Entertainment Book for […]

Things to Do In Rochester for Under $5

The Flower City! The Kodak City! The World’s Image Center! Rachacha! I’m a fiercely loyal Rochester, New York native and I adore this city, despite its flaws *cough*lack of public transportation*cough*. But if you can get around Rochester, I highly suggest you do. As a part of WiseBread’s group writing project, here’s a list of […]

My Adorable Little Basil Plant

Every few days, my boyfriend’s housemates come home to a strange sight. Nearly all of them know me from before I started dating The Boy, but even the one that’s been my friend since elementary school can be thrown off by my antics now and then. Because every once in a while, they find me […]

Does My Frugal Life Make Me Miserable?

This is a response to Trent’s post The Backlash Against Frugality, which itself is a response to Anya Kamenetz Yahoo Finance article Staying Frugal in the Age of the iPhone. The long and short of it is that Anya wrote an article about frugality, and the comments left on it are very, very divided. Although […]