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Funny Money

Presenting Our New Author: Mortimer

Presenting Our New Author: Mortimer

Hey everyone! Stephanie here, long-time author and creator of, with a big, big announcement for you. From here on out, you’ll be seeing new blog posts three times a week (or so) from our newest author, Mortimer*! You may have noticed my own infrequent posting, as well as my net worth increases that really […]

So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish

Whether you’re a subscriber via RSS, email, or you just check the site regularly for updates, you’ve noticed by now that I just haven’t been writing lately. Especially keen observers will notice this started when I began working full-time. It’s true: I haven’t yet mastered the coveted work/life balance. It makes a sort of sense: […]

Top 10 Films About Money

As a movie buff and film school graduate, this guest post is very near and dear to Stephanie’s heart. It combines two disciplines that she’s obviously obsessed with: movies and money. This article was contributed by the Canadian life insurance specialists at 1. There Will Be Blood (2007) A quote about the unabashed pursuit […]

The Tale of the Airplane Announcement

Gather around the campfire, everyone – I have a scary story to tell you. *Puts flashlight up to her chin, illuminating only part of her face.* Imagine for yourselves, a wary traveler. She has spent 7 hours sitting in an airport, because her flight was to leave at 6:30am, and she was leaving from an […]

Coinstar Treasure Map: Avast!

Coinstar Treasure Map: Avast!

Ahoy there, mateys! Welcome aboard me ship! I be but the humble Captain Stephanie, steering me vessel toward untold treasure! Actually, me treasure map came by email from Coinstar, but it be a treasure map none the less! So hop aboard, and I’ll sail us round the dangerous water of… um… my house. And we’ll […]

State of the War Address

Greetings, my fellow debt-fighters. I stand here before you, a general in this War on Debt! Though I only enlisted some four months ago, I have been fighting this war for much longer… since The Debt led a sneak attack against me when I began my university education. But I have joined up, and I’m […]

School House Rock on Money

Oh, School House Rock! A staple of my childhood. Actually, these School House Rock shorts I found about money seem to be newer than the ones I watched “back in my day,” so I’d venture to say they were made in the last ten years. Still, they’re very good, so show them to the youngin’ […]

Value is Relative… to Catpennies, if you’re not familiar with it, is one of those sites that’s “not for anyone under 18… or over 18, for that matter.” It’s a collection of user-submitted quotes from IRC, ranging from “purely stupid” to “stupendously hilarious.” I didn’t expect to find anything personal finance related there, but sometimes even sites like Bash […]

Don’t Get Fooled by Shifty Car Mechanics

Happy April Fool’s, everyone! I’d try and play a trick on you, but honestly, I didn’t think far enough ahead to plan anything. Instead, I’m going to give you some advice: don’t let anyone fool you into paying for things you don’t need, or even worse, things that don’t exist! Listen to this hilarious recording […]

Why You Shouldn’t Owe Money to Family

The following clip from “Family Guy” demonstrates why you simply shouldn’t put yourself in a position to owe money to family members. It also demonstrates why you shouldn’t lend money to family, either. Although in the clip, the money exchange is due to a bet, this really goes for lending money as well. Warning: Gratuitous, […]