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Gifts and Giving

Watch Me Play Video Games and Dance for Charity

And now for something completely different! I’m holding a video game marathon fundraiser for charity: water tonight, to raise money for clean water infrastructure in Rwanda. I’ve always been a big proponent of using smart personal finance to be able to do great things in your life (that’s the point, isn’t it?), including donating to charities that fit […]

Last Minute Gift Idea: Textbooks

You may feel funny getting the student in your life something as totally lame as textbooks for a gift. But if they’re cash-strapped like I was over the course of my education, it may end up being the gift they appreciate most this season. It feels like a big weight has been lifted when you […]

Letter to a Stranger

Dear Man at the Metro Station, Thank you! I know that all you did was walk out of the Metro station and find the first person who looked like she was going inside to give your Weekly Fast Pass to. Good for a whole week’s worth of Metro rides, you probably bought it to save […]

Expertise: The Gift College Students Can Afford

By this time of year, your wallet is probably feeling quite light indeed. Whether it was emptied by tuition and textbooks or by beer and video games makes no difference – you’re broke. But now that you’re an "adult," your family expects you to partake in holiday gift-giving, just like everyone else. Now you could […]

Really, Actually Poorer Than You (and Me)

Look, the name "" – that’s tongue-in-cheek. I’m well aware that, simply by being an American, I’m in the top 15% of the world’s wealthiest. Poor as I am, I’m actually rich. And if you’re reading this, you’re probably rich as well. Don’t believe me? Check out just how rich you are. But I already […]

Charity: Helping Those Poorer Than Me!

Charity: Helping Those Poorer Than Me!

I spent a week last month running around like the proverbial headless chicken, managing a fundraiser for “Students for Cambodian Schools” – the club at my college that recently appointment me as president. So, uh, what does this have to do with personal finance, exactly? Look, there’s more to money than hoarding it away in […]