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Pregnant on Obamacare: The First Trimester

Pregnant on Obamacare: The First Trimester

I’m pregnant, I’m self-employed (as is my husband), and we’re on the absolute cheapest (a.k.a. Healthcare Marketplace, a.k.a. Obamacare) plan. So, what’s it like being pregnant on Obamacare? What’s it cost? Now that I’ve received all the bills from my first trimester care, I’m going to divulge all of the information from my experience: […]

What You Don’t Know About Renters Insurance

The following is a guest post was written by Barbara Waltz, one of the founders of, an insurance blog and insurance quote comparison guide. Many renters, especially younger adults, either have no idea they can buy renters insurance, or they do not think that they need it. Since they do not own their own […]

Checking the Status of my Health Insurance

A few weeks ago, my personal finance class discussed health insurance. The vast majority of my classmates are seniors, so most of us are looking down the barrel of graduation. But I’m in a particularly sticky spot – I’m actually graduating in three weeks, not in May. All of the talk of health insurance made […]