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The One Object I Want Most in the World

Normally, I try to avoid tying my happiness to material things. I’m already a big packrat, harboring 22 years worth of nostalgia in my closet. I need to minimize my attachment to “stuff,” not encourage it. But there’s one thing I really and truly desire, with all of my heart. It will take a bit […]

5 Mistakes I Didn’t Repeat When Buying My Cell Phone

My phone is broken. I’ve managed to smash the glass cover for the camera lens and the battery won’t stay charged. I’m plugging it in nearly once a day now, and it beeps angrily at me when I try to make phone calls. The juice is gone – it has been since July. I have […]

Update: Bought a Bike

Update: Bought a Bike

Those of you who advised me on whether or not I should buy a bike (and what kind) will be happy to know that I bought one! I answered a listing on the Facebook Marketplace about a bike for sale, and paid $20 for a women’s bike with a bent wheel. I’m going to have […]

Ask the Readers: A Bike?

I want to buy a bike. At least, I think I want to buy a bike. I used to love my bike, when I was a kid, until we moved further out into the country when I was 13 and there wasn’t anywhere to particularly bike to, and it meant a lot of “on the […]