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Holiday Gift Giving on a Student Budget

Kathryn Katz is a working mom, internet marketer and professional copywriter. Kathryn is a Certified Personal Finance Counselor and works for Consolidated Credit Counseling Services. The non-profit credit counseling agency offers a Holiday Survival Guide to help shoppers navigate through holiday shopping. The holidays are right around the corner. You’ll be leaving the dorm to […]

Nope, We Don’t Have Cable

We didn’t “cut the cable cord,” we never had it installed in our apartment. And yet, the boyfriend and I are total “Heroes” and “LOST” addicts – how do we live? I’ve written about how to live without television before, but I wasn’t really doing it back then, because I was living with my parents, […]

8 Ways to Save Big in the Home Office

This week’s guest post comes from a talented guy named Tom. Like most people Tom spends five days per week working in an office, for an environmentally conscious supplier of cheap printer cartridges specializing in HP toners and ink where saving money and recycling is a mantra. You can read more of his work on […]

Get the HP dv6t and Mini 110 for $799!

This offer has expired. Sorry you missed it! You can find the current offer at the bottom of my review of the HP Mini 110. Two computers for less than what you’d expect to pay for one? Great Googly Moogly! I’ll tell you this: if I were in the market for a new laptop, I […]

Learning to Love Generics

Learning to Love Generics

You should be jealous! Why? Because right now I’m eating the world’s most delicious and softest molasses cookie ever. Many molasses cookies have come before it in my life, but this one is the best. And I got a whole 12 pack of them from Wegmans for $1.79! I realize that I am blessed, in […]

Living Without Shampoo

Heh. I run the risk of being labeled dirty, liberal, cheap, and insane for writing this post. All things I’ve been called before, of course, but only the last three are true! "No ‘Poo" is what it’s called when someone elects to forgo the use of chemical-laden shampoos and conditioners. There are a lot of […]

Saving Money on Driving, One Way or Another

I timidly handed my keys over to the repair shop manager the other day as memories of past repair bills danced through my head. I’ve spent over $1,000 this past year on necessary repairs, and I wasn’t looking to up that bill any higher. But it was making an awful scraping noise, so I took […]

You Paid $9.60 a Gallon for WHAT?!?

I’m just going to say it: Bottled water is a huge waste of money. I’ve heard every argument in the book for drinking it, and I’ve yet to be convinced that it makes any sense for a person living in America to drink it. I’m so fervent in my belief that I made a short […]

Is Your Printer Ink Really Empty?

Here’s a tip: Don’t trust your printer when it tries to tell you that you’re nearly out of ink. Especially if your printer is an HP psc 1210 All-In-One! Mine told me back in September that I was nearly out of black ink, so I ran out and got a new print cartridge for it. […]

Saving Time Won’t Save You Money

Last week, I asked you guys whether I was being cheap or being frugal by putting off the purchase of a new power adapter for my laptop. I got a variety of answers, but a lot of common opinions kept popping up. Notably, several people told me that buying a new adapter would save me […]