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Saving the Environment and My Wallet

Today is Blog Action Day – the day when bloggers around the web, and around the world, are uniting to bring environmental issues to light. The following is my offering to this great movement. I try not to be too heavy-handed with it, but sometimes it just comes through. I’m a tree hugger. Perhaps it’s […]

Financial Aid Dilemma

Fall classes start in less than two weeks for me, and aside from asking myself “Seriously? It’s time to go back to school already? Has it really been 9 months since I dropped out?” – I have a lot to do in preparation for my glorious return. A lot of it is actually rather hard […]

How To Live Without Television – It Can Be Done!

We humans do not like to give up luxuries that we’ve become accustomed to. When a personal finance blogger suggests that someone in financial peril cut the cable or satellite, the person in trouble often balks at the idea. Who can live without cable in this day and age? Strangely enough, I can. I didn’t […]

Update: No Gas Day – MSNBC Weighs In

As May 15th approaches, I become more and more engrossed with my fight against No Gas Day. A quick reiteration: I’m not fighting this because I love high gas prices and hate hippies – quite the contrary: I filled my tank up for $50 the other day and screamed and cried, and I also hug […]

No Gas Day: Good Intentions, Horrible Idea, Worse Follow-Through

Just because something won’t die doesn’t mean it’s good idea. For those lucky 2 of you in America that never heard of the “No Gas Day” idea, is goes like this: just about every year since 1999, someone has decided that we should try to lower gas prices by boycotting the gas pumps for one […]

I Can’t Afford to Speed

The other day, when I was talking about how I save money flying the friendly skies, I mentioned that I can fly out of either Rochester or Buffalo. I do this because the flexibility saves me a ton of cash. On this particular trip, flying out of Buffalo cost about $100 less than flying out […]

5 Quick Tips for Cheap Air Travel

Well, I’m leaving (on a jetplane) again. For Los Angeles, again. And once again, I’m reminded how much I hate the experience of modern air travel. I might not have any way to combat the tedious (and possibly ineffective) safety regulations, but I have come up with a system to save as much money as […]

Avoid Income Tax Without Calling Down the Wrath of the IRS

I don’t want to get political here, but I do want to point out something I came across that is very interesting. There is a group of war protestors who refuse to fund the war through their federal income taxes – so they’ve decided to stop paying those taxes. And they’ve figured out how to […]

Compacting, By Accident!

I think I’ve become an unintentional Compacter! For those of you who don’t know, Compactors are people who strive to reduce their environmental impact and increase their frugality by not buying anything new (except for food and health/safety items). I looked at my Excel document of expenses for 2007, and here’s everything I’ve bought: Gas […]

Beat the Campus Bookstore, Save on Textbooks

There’s been a lot of buzz around the financial blog community lately about saving money on textbooks. At The Simple Dollar, Trent suggests getting the Visa and using it only for textbooks, and paying it off immediately each time with your book money. I’ll have to keep this in mind when I go back […]