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Savings Snowball Update – October, 2012

I manage my savings the same way many people manage their debt: with a “snowball plan!” If you are not familiar with snowball plans, they work like this: You list out all of your debts (or goals, in my case) in a priority order, each with a minimum payment that you have to contribute each […]

Savings Snowball Update: Back in Action

What with all the crazy change in my life, it’s got to be time to re-evaluate everything. Especially, I need to rethink my savings goals and how I’ll prioritize them. So it’s time to revisit the ol’ Savings Snowball. For those of you not familiar with the concept, here’s the short version: much like a […]

How Big Should Your Emergency Fund Be?

How Big Should Your Emergency Fund Be?

Last month I announced some changes to my Savings Snowball, including dropping the goal for my Emergency Fund from $10,000 to $5,000. No one said anything about that, so it must not have been a huge controversy. But I don’t find myself especially comfortable with either of those numbers. Why? Because nailing down how big […]

Savings Snowball: New Year 2010

Ah-hem! It has been brought to my attention that I haven’t done a “Savings Snowball” updates since May of 2009. Thankfully, I’ve been sticking with the snowball since then, just not writing about it at all. There hasn’t been an update because nothing has really changed… until now. When we last left my savings snowball, […]

8 Techniques to Boost Your Emergency Fund

Just starting an emergency fund as a part of a New Year’s resolution? Trying to boost an existing one? No worries: the following guest post has you covered with some great tips on how to find a little cash for your “rainy day fund.” In this harsh economic environment, there is hardly a better time […]

Don’t Chase High Rates for Savings Accounts

Since the moment there was more than one high-yield online savings account to choose from, people have been comparing these accounts based on the interest rate. When I first got a high yield savings account, it was between ING Direct at 4.75% and Emigrant Direct at 5.05%. Oh, how I miss 2006… now the rates […]

May Savings Snowball Update

My savings have seen a sort of whirlwind of activity as of late, which made me realize it’s been a while since I last checked in and let you know how things are doing. Well, there’s good news, and there’s bad. Just as a reminder, here’s what my “savings snowball” looked like the last time […]

SmartyPig Walkthrough: Setting Up My “New Car Fund”

I’ve been thinking of trying out SmartyPig for a while now. SmartyPig is basically an online savings account (like ING Direct or Emigrant Direct, etc.), but it has a few unique features. First of all, you choose savings goals for your SmartyPig savings accounts. I love this, because most of us fail when we “just […]

Savings Update: Last Day of School Edition

Today is my last day of college… assuming my presentation tonight goes well (which it will!). You would think I would feel… elated? Scared? Hopeful? Hopeless? Helpless? I don’t feel much of anything, really. Maybe I’ve become jaded by years of final exams – being on the “quarter system” instead of the semester system means […]