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Savings Update for the New Year

I set up my savings snowball in August, right after I paid off my credit card debt. It’s been going pretty well since then – I gave an update in October when I decided to change a few things. Now that it’s the new year, it’s time for me to take another look and make […]

Savings Snowball in Action

Two months ago, when I paid off my credit card, I came up with a savings plan for my newly freed-up money. In case you don’t remember, or haven’t read that entry, the idea is very similar to a debt snowball. Rank up savings goals in priority order, save a set amount toward each of […]

Credit Card Paid Off! Now What?

If I had to come up with one nice thing to say about credit card debt, it would be this: at least it gave me focus. Paying off that high-interest debt as quickly as possible was a clear-cut Priority #1 goal. Now, I’m a little lost. I can see right here why people my age […]

Where to Stash Your Rainy Day Fund

A reader by the name of Slinky came by and left a comment on the site: I’d love for you to post about pros/cons of storing an emergency fund in different places – online savings, money market, index, brick and mortar, etc. The key to figuring out where to stash your emergency cash is decide […]

Last Chance: E*TRADE $25 Bonus

The sign-up period for getting a $25 bonus when opening an E*TRADE Complete Savings Account ends on October 31st. Since the referral email can take up to a week to send out, this is really your last chance. If you’re interested, contact me, and leave the email address you want the referral email sent to. […]

ING Direct Orange Savings and Electric Orange Referrals

ING referrals have moved here: $25 ING Referrals. Sorry about the inconvenience, but it was a bit of a pain to upkeep two pages of referral links!

E*TRADE $25 Bonus with High Yield Savings

I’ve had a high yield savings account with E*TRADE since February, and it ranks as one of the best high yield savings accounts, in my opinion. At the time I opened it, they were offering a $25 bonus to go along with their 5.05% APY on the account. They’ve stopped offering that bonus to the […]

Switch from Debt Reduction to Emergency Fund

I’m doing something I never thought I’d do: I’m going against “The Math.” “The Math” tells me that I should aggressively pay down my credit card as quickly as I can, throwing every spare penny at it. “The Math” says that because the interest on my card is nearly 18%, and my savings accounts only […]

$100 Bonus – Hard Credit Pull and 45 Day Wait

Update: It appears that Citibank has dropped this offer down to a $50 bonus instead of a $100 bonus. Everything else in this post still applies, however. A few months ago, Citibank offered a $100 bonus for opening an “Ultimate Savings Account” with them. I snapped at the offer, even though the accounts 4.75% APY […]

If I Had Saved…

When I was six years old, I started my first business. My favorite book character, Karen from the Babysitter’s Little Sister series, started her own newspaper in book #40. Things went badly for Karen, but I was determined that I could do it too – and do it better. And I did. For over six years, I […]