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A few weeks ago, Yahoo Finance ran an article on Mr. and Mrs. 1500, detailing how they retired early after setting a goal of doing so in just 1500 days. Yahoo screwed the pooch with the title, “How one couple saved $1 million in 4 years to retire by age 43,” implying that they raised […]

Money can’t buy love! Here are 7 vital signs that you tend to ignore:

This week’s guest post comes from Dorothy Anderson, who is a finance blogger and recommends you be very careful before consolidating debts. Do you remember the song by Beatles? “….I’ll buy you a diamond ring my friend if it makes you feel alright, I’ll get you anything my friend if it makes you feel alright […]

The Case for a Paper Address Book

Yesterday I had a bit of a scare. Some people rather important to me left my apartment in a car, and we’d had a big snowstorm this weekend. I didn’t know how good the roads were, and when I called them to ask about something trivial a few minutes later, none of them answered their […]

Working Through Finances in a Relationship Without Throwing a Punch

This post is part of the one day blog event “The Spectrum of Personal Finance.” In this event, comic book nerd Brian of My Next Buck, will discuss 8 different emotions (taken from the Green Lantern comic series) and relate them to personal finance. Here at Poorer Than You we will be looking at Rage. […]

5 Steps to Curing Yourself of Phone Phobia

No one who knows me, via the blog or in real life, is going to believe what I’m about to tell you. At least, no one who’s met me during the past few years, anyway. But the following is a 100% true story about phone phobia and how I cured myself of it (mostly). As […]