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Poorer Than You is on Hiatus

With a heavy, conflicted heart full of mixed feelings, I’m announcing that this blog is going on an indefinite hiatus. And no, it’s not an April Fools’ joke this time – even though it turned out to be true for a while last time! Yes, I get that the timing is unfortunate and that some […]

Celebrate! Three Years of PTY

Happy Anniversary! Whether you’ve been reading for the whole three years or you’re just joining the community now, it’s time to celebrate in our achievements! Yes, “our” achievements – I may write this thing, but it’s you, reader, that makes it special. Otherwise, I’d just be airing my financial baggage in an echo chamber, and […]

Get Me In a Good Mood for Six Months

Happy, happy Stephanie! No, I don’t want you to make me happy, I want to know if you’d be interested in reading about my naturally good mood five days a week? Of course, both could happen if I land the “Good Mood Gig” being offered by NatureMade. You should go ahead and vote for me […]

Birthday and National Museum Day!

Two years ago, I askedyou to buy me a beer for my 21st birthday. Last year, I gave away an HP laptop. This year, we’re going to the museum! Today is serendipitously both my birthday and National Museum Day, which gets you free access to many museums throughout the country. So go ahead, find a […]

Summertime Goals

Mmmm…. classes finished, grades are in (three As and a B, thanks!), and it’s time for me to kick back, relax, and take it easy for the summer. Not. Meet my list of goals for Summer 2008. Some are financial, some are not. But I want to get them all done before classes start up […]

Time for Poorer Than You to Get a New Look?

There was a time, a little over a year ago, when I loved the layout of this blog. Green! That’s my favorite color! And it’s the color of money! What’s not to love about this theme? Then I looked at it for a year. And on other monitors, where it burned my eyes. I’m sure […]

Happy New Year – Poorer Than You Returns

That’s right, everyone – I’m back. No, the strike is not over. And the first person to call me a scab or use the phrase “crossing the picket line” gets hit with a lawn chair. (Just kidding! Or am I?) Having this blog on strike no longer serves its intended purpose. I set out to […]

Poorer Than You is on Strike

Poorer Than You is on Strike

What does this mean?There will be no new entries on Poorer Than You until the end of the WGA strike. I may respond to the occasional comment on old posts, and I encourage discussion in the comments section of this post. But there will not be any new content. But Stephanie, you’re not a member […]

Buy Me a Beer!

In honor of my 21st birthday in a couple of weeks, I’ve added a little widget to Poorer Than You – if you look to the right of this entry, there’s a little section called “Birthday Special” and an icon imploring you to buy me a beer for my birthday. For those of you who […]

Citibank $100 Bonus Up Again

If you found my post about the Citibank $100 bonus too late, and found that they had dropped it down to $50, you might be in luck (assuming you didn’t open the account for the $50 bonus). The $100 bonus is back! But who knows for how long? Open a Citibank Ultimate Savings account and […]