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Comment Policy

You may have noticed that you are unable to add a new comment to any post or page on Poorer Than You. Sorry about that, but comments are currently closed. Find out why.

3 responses to “Comment Policy”

  1. Mary Davenport

    My 5 year old grandaughter inherited her older sister’s Kit American Girl doll recently. The doll is about 10 years old so had some issues. The Tysons American Girl Store was supposed to style her hair and clean a mark off her forehead. The whole family waited and waited and nothing happened. Finally someone told them they couldn’t style her hair because it was too messy and she had a broken leg! All they would do was pierce the doll’s ears. The 14 year old brother, the 15 year old sister, the 6 year old brother and the 5 year old new owner of Kit all were bummed out. AG’s only suggestion was to quote prices for new head, torso and leg! So much restoration wouldn’t make it the familiar loved “Kit” anymore.

  2. Vpat

    irrelevant links having no bearing on communication must be treated as a spam and that is good policy for a Blog writer which would just make the communication meaningful.

  3. Haroun Kola

    Not at all. Spam is horrible, and anything one can do to prevent it helps the discussion flow better.