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Privacy Policy

Poorer Than You is a one-woman operation, so you don’t have to worry about me collecting your information and using it for much of anything – I simply don’t have the time or resources. But here are my privacy policies, just in case you want to know:

Email Addresses

I have access to your email address if you post a comment, subscribe to the site via email, or email me directly. I do not maintain any sort of "email list," so you will never be spammed by me. I will sometimes email you directly to discuss a comment you left, or to reply to an email you sent, or to check up on your email subscription. Your email address will never be sold, ever. And it will never be given to a third party without your permission.


I have access to your name whenever you comment or email me. You can use whatever name you want (although your use of name when commenting is slightly limited by my comment policy), so feel free to use a pseudonym if you like. If you give me your real name, I will not share it with anyone.

Personal Stories

Many people email me with personal stories and questions. I cannot provide answers to every question, but occasionally I will decide to take a question and post it, with an answer, in a blog entry. I will always ask your permission before doing this, and will identify you by a pseudonym and/or change identifying details if you would like me too.

Technical Information

Some of the tracking tools I use on this site give me information such as what browser a visitor uses, what operating system, or what search term brought a person to the site. I cannot tie this information to any one particular visitor – it comes to me in the form of statistics. I use this information to make improvements to the site and to see what information people are looking for.


When you leave a comment on this site, it becomes my property. I may repost it within another post in order to answer a question, or I may delete or edit your comment if I feel it is inappropriate. More information is available in the comment policy.

In General

I don’t collect a whole lot of information from my readers. I try to keep things very straightforward and do the best I can to respect your privacy. If you have any questions about a particular privacy issue that you feel I haven’t addressed here, feel free to contact me.