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Net Worth Update: March 2016

Net Worth Update: March 2016

Yes, I indulged myself in a little April Fool’s Day prankery yesterday – sorry if I got anyone’s hopes up too high about my bright future in a tiny house! It would have made for a great series on the blog here, that’s for sure. But don’t worry: I actually do have a few fun […]

Last Minute Gift Idea: Textbooks

You may feel funny getting the student in your life something as totally lame as textbooks for a gift. But if they’re cash-strapped like I was over the course of my education, it may end up being the gift they appreciate most this season. It feels like a big weight has been lifted when you […]

Holiday Gift Giving on a Student Budget

Kathryn Katz is a working mom, internet marketer and professional copywriter. Kathryn is a Certified Personal Finance Counselor and works for Consolidated Credit Counseling Services. The non-profit credit counseling agency offers a Holiday Survival Guide to help shoppers navigate through holiday shopping. The holidays are right around the corner. You’ll be leaving the dorm to […]