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Use Blingo and Win!

Thanks to 1mil, I found this great thing called Blingo, run by Publisher’s Clearing House. It’s basically just the Google search bar, only when you use it, you have a chance to win some pretty excellent prizes, from Fandango tickets up to $20,000 cash. It even has several plugins to integrate it into your browser – I already use the Quick Search box in Firefox, so it was easy to put Blingo in there and use it just like Google.

So let’s look at this: it works exactly like Google, has the ease of Google, but you can win stuff!

Also, if you can convince your friends to join, it gets even better. If one of your friends wins a prize, you win that prize too! Wouldn’t it be cool if we both won the big money? Heck, I’d be happy if we both won Fandango tickets!

Give it a try: Update: Sadly, Publisher’s Clearing House has rebranded Blingo into “PCH Search&Win” and it’s not as cool as it was when I first wrote this post. I ended up winning a Fandango ticket at one point in Blingo’s life… and not much else. There are other ways to make money and win things on the internet, though! Check the sidebar for the “Earn Money Today!” section to get your hands on some cash.

5 responses to “Use Blingo and Win!”

  1. 1mil

    LoL. I’m really hoping you win something! hehe. ^_^ Thanks for the shout btw.

    Juan (1mil from

  2. Stephanie

    Juan: No problem! I have you to thank for pointing it out to me. And, of course you want me to win something! That means you get it, too! Heehee =D

  3. 1mil

    Yeah let me get a few more people before I put the link page up!

    1mil (Juan)

  4. Ernie

    i realy enjoy blingo and 1 thing how ddo i see if i win do you send me a email or do i just look for that pop up

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