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$2300 Cake Topper!

*Straps on bonnet and apron* La-de-da, I am just trolling the internet, reading the blog of a friend of mine who is planning her wedding! What is this I have found? Oh my! Adorable custom cake toppers! These are amazing! I shall click this pricing link out of curiosity! WTF?!?!?!??!

$2,300 for a cake topper?!? Oh, and look! You could add other people (the in-laws? the minister? David Bowie? who else would be on the cake topper with you?) for only $1,150 a person!

So… waste of money? I think you already know what I think.

9 responses to “$2300 Cake Topper!”

  1. Isabel

    Definetely, it’s better not to get married! XD
    You know, I’m from Spain and I’ve just read a new on the Spanish yahoo website, and it talks about you!!!!
    I don’t know if you knew this, but if not, i’m sure it’ll be have been quite surprised!

  2. Anonymous

    Dear Stephanie,

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  3. Plain Jane Mom

    If you think of it as just a cake topper, then yeah waste of money. If you think of it as art, then it all depends on what it is worth to you! Of course, I don’t have that kind of money, so…

  4. Stephanie

    Plain Jane Mom: I can see the value in having a cake topper that is worth keeping long afterwards. I guess my issue is with the cost of weddings in general these days, this seems like one more superfluous expense on top of that.

  5. GraceD

    Hi Stephanie! I followed the link to your blog from the NY Times article. I mentioned your site on this entry for the BlogHer website:

    Bravo to you for all of your efforts.

    Good luck,
    Grace Davis
    BlogHer Contributing Editor, Life
    Member, BlogHer 07 Advisory Board

  6. Dan

    Whoa, a little out of my range…

  7. Brian

    Apparently the cake topper industry was doing well enough to up their prices. Cake toppers from that site are now $2900. Wowzers!

  8. Mike from Financial Freedom Forum

    My wife made the cake toppers for hour wedding – beautiful customised figurines made of flymo. It cost her about £30 in materials to get something unique to use which we have on display in our house.

    She even went on to make them for her sister and best friend who also married recently.

    Perhaps I should suggest she get into the business herself!

  9. Remy @MLISunderstanding

    Hell, that’s pretty much our entire wedding budget. (And the price has only gone up!)

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