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Join Upromise and Get $2 in Your Account

Being an affliate doesn’t just help me – it helps you guys! I just got an email from Upromise telling me that if any of you join Upromise (using that link) and add a credit or debit card to your account (these cards will never be charged), Upromise will deposit $2 into your new Upromise account. There was no word on how long this promotion will last, so you might want to snatch it up now!

I have already sung the praises of Upromise, but if that didn’t convince you, maybe two free dollars will!

2 responses to “Join Upromise and Get $2 in Your Account”

  1. gracie

    have you gotten a good amount of people to sign up
    how much do you get if i sign up and you referred me

  2. k sweere

    Recommend Best 529s: College Savings Iowa and New York’s 529 College Savings Program – Direct Plan

    Upromise is OK in my opinion, until you try to get your money out.

    The only apparent way to get your money is through a 529 plan, but most have high expense and annual fees. For example, most of the listed 529s have a $15-30 annual account fee PLUS 0.3 – 1.5% expense fees. If you”ve only $1000 invested, the market has to return 7.5% just for you not to lose money (assuming $30/$1000 = 3%, 1.5% expense, 3% inflation rate).

    But, you can do better. You just need to pick the best fund, but Upromise won’t tell you what’s best, they just try to push their own high fee funds.

    The way I found the best funds was to review all the plans Upromise Investments services (see the Upromise 529 FAQ, ) and then look each up at By digging through the fees and such, IMHO you’ll find that Iowa and New York offer the best deals for non-residents – No annual fee, low total expense ratio, and Vanguard funds. Your results may vary.

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