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Money Resources for Kids and Parents

Over at Get Rich Slowly, J.D. is celebrating Financial Literacy Month. He wants to know if anyone has any financial literacy resources to share, and actually, I do!

The Mint is a financial resource for kids, teens, parents and teachers. The “Kids” section (which is aimed at both kids and teens) offers tons of information, on earning, spending, savings, investing, giving, owing, safeguarding, and tracking money. There’s also a “Try It” section, full of quizzes and quick games to test knowledge. Adults might want to try the quizzes themselves, to see how their own knowledge stacks up!

In the “Parents” section, there’s another set of quizzes, called “Your Financial IQ.” The site recommends taking these quizzes because “research repeatedly reports this fact: children say they learn all they know about money from their parents.” The “parenting guide” offers advice on how to talk to kids about money, how to handle allowances, and what do when kids finally leave the nest.

The “Teachers” section offers lesson plans for budgeting, credit, scarcity, and the stock market. Parents might also give this section a glance, especially if you’re worried these topics might not be covered in school.

One last note about the site: it’s a good resource, well laid out, easy to navigate – but the graphics (photos of people with large heads) creep me out a little. I’m just saying.

The other site I’ve found is the Securities and Exchanges Commission’s Tips for Students and Teachers. Although not as graphical and interactive as The Mint, this one page site covers topics such as “Why Save and Invest?”, compound interest, types of accounts, risk, diversification, credit management, and planning financial security.

At the end of the page, there are several quizzes and calculators to play around with.

If you’re looking for more resources, check out J.D.’s Financial Literacy for All Ages.

3 responses to “Money Resources for Kids and Parents”

  1. Needs a Name

    The Mint is really very helpful for the kids, parents and the teachers in terms of their financial need. I, myself tried few of the interesting quizzes, it was great.

  2. mathewsteff

    Absolutely said, In these tough economical times one has to learn about how to do savings and also investing too, which are more necessary among kids and students who spends unnecessarily and does not saves for the future. The information would be a great resource for them to learn these important things about called as “Savings”.

  3. College Life Tips

    Great Resource. It would be great if every could learn from the information provided at

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