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Citibank $100 Bonus Up Again

If you found my post about the Citibank $100 bonus too late, and found that they had dropped it down to $50, you might be in luck (assuming you didn’t open the account for the $50 bonus). The $100 bonus is back! But who knows for how long?

Open a Citibank Ultimate Savings account and enjoy a 4.75% APY as well as a $100 bonus – read my review of this account if you’re unsure (there are, of course, pros and cons), or check out my post on online savings accounts if you’re confused!

3 responses to “Citibank $100 Bonus Up Again”

  1. Peter Mottola

    I tried this… really wasn’t worth it. When I got to the third round of paperwork and they said “send us these 4 documents in the next 2 weeks or we’ll assume you’re no longer interested in the account” I just dropped it. They assumed correctly. I know plenty of people who don’t have land-line phone numbers in their own name or pay utilities… this is ridiculous for many college or recently-post-college students.
    Anyone who knows me knows how much I enjoy free stuff, but this $100 is not that enjoyable.

  2. Peter Mottola

    Final comment on the subject:

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