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The College Money Network Introduces Studenomics

On behalf of the entire College Money Network, I wish to take a moment and introduce Studenomics as the newest blog to join our ranks! Studenomics is a personal finance blog specifically for and about college students, and has been pumping out great content since its debut in October 2008.

Studenomics is a great fit for the College Money Network, and we’re happy to have its writer, MD, in our group. He’s a passionate student living in Ontario, Canada – not far from my own place of origin in upstate New York! Studenomics offers no-nonsense practical advice that students can actually relate to. If you haven’t added Studenomics to your after-school curriculum yet, you’re missing out!

For those of you just discovering Studenomics, here’s a crash course of posts from the past month:

I heartily suggest you subscribe to Studenomics now, as I know there will be more great content coming up. And don’t forget about the rest of us in the College Money Network!

3 responses to “The College Money Network Introduces Studenomics”

  1. Studenomist

    Wow thanks so much for the kind words! I’m thrilled to finally be accepted into the College Money Network! Hard work truly pays off.

  2. Someone who should have left a name

    I wish we had resources like that when I was in college. All I ever had was a low paying job and no money. Great info!

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