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You guys told me you wanted a message board for this site, so a message board you shall have! But why have just a message board when you could have a whole community? To chat, discuss, blog, make friends, and connect in amazingly awesome ways with other people under 30 who care about their financial situation?

Party Hallway! by Brian Lane Winfield Moore on Flickr Oh yes, it can happen and it does exist! But, you have to be awesome to get in. Right now, it’s invite only – and getting an invite is no easy thing. Yep, you can’t just waltz right in and sign up. Sorry! You’ve got to prove your worth. (Added bonus: the need to “prove your worth” should keep the spammers out!)

So, how can you prove your worth? You’ve got to show me that you’ve interacted with Poorer Than You before. For some of you, this will be as simple as leaving a comment on this post. Because some of you, I recognize by name from all the comments or emails you’ve sent me. Just make sure when you leave the comment, you use the email address you want your invite sent to. (If you are a part of another community on Ning, you’ll want to use the same email address you use for that.)

If you’ve never commented on PTY before, can you still join the forums? Nope, sorry. Because we don’t want any lurkers in this community. It’s tough to talk about money when you know that there are creepers around reading your every detail, but never talking to you in return. And if you haven’t proven to me that you’re a person who’ll post, you can’t play in our treehouse. Sorry!

What you can do is start commenting. Real comments that follow the PTY comment policy, on past and future posts. Leave a comment here that’d you’d like an invite, and after a little while –if you impress me- I’ll send you an invite as well.

Because in the end, I’d rather have only a handful of people who really post and help one another, than 1000 creepers watching five people post.

11 responses to “Join the Poorer Than You Forums”

  1. Sam

    Your requirements for awesome are pretty low…

    “I would not join any club that would have someone like me for a member.”

    (I’m kidding, can I come in?)

  2. Eric

    I am happy to be a guinea pig.

  3. cavale

    i’m a regular reader, and have subscribed to your RSS feed for a few months now. i’ve commented a few times before, the one i can remember is on the article about whether you’d need a car in the DC area.

    i’d love to be a part of the new community, as a 22 year old just getting serious about money.

  4. Jesse

    I’d love an invite 😉 I haven’t been as active as in the past for reasons all on my end but hopefully you remember me hah

  5. Douglas

    Hey! Send me the Link please!

  6. Emily

    I’ve only posted once or twice to the forums (I suppose I’ve been a lurker!). I’d like an invite, with the hopes that it will be an incentive for me to start actively engaging in conversations re: finances and money. I’m a bit older than the average college student, needed to stop my graduate career due to illness at the moment. Learning now how to rebuild my life, finances, etc … wanting to get out of debt and hopefully back into school and/or small business. LOTS to learn, love your blog! Please send me the link? A previous lurker.

  7. MLR

    As someone who has guest posted here, do I count?

    I’d like to see the forum just to be a test dummy for you!

  8. Ibrahim |

    You know I’d love to be a part of the action! In fact, I sent you an invite to be part of the ZCL forum as well!

  9. Griffin

    I’ve commented before… can I have an invite? =D

  10. Marlene

    I would be happy to be a guinea pig also.

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