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More from National Protect Your Identity Week

Scary Identity Thief by CarbonNYC on Flickr Are you doing all you can to keep your identity safe and snug with you, instead of out gallivanting with someone else? This week, I’ve encouraged you to use a locked mailbox, shred your documents, cut off junk mail at the source and clean out your wallet – but what else can you do?

First, have you really checked out yet? The site is full of quizzes, tips and even games to help you keep a lid on your identity. Learning how to protect yourself couldn’t be easier!

A few articles from the PoorerThanYou archives might help, as well. This isn’t the first time we’ve had an Identity Theft week here on PTY! Check these out:

Jury Duty and Other Identity Theft Scams 
High Schoolers: Beware of Identity Theft 
Tips and Tricks to Get Your Identity Stolen!

David at Money Under 30 has also been covering National Protect Your Identity Week with four posts of his own:

Seven Signs You’re At-Risk for Identity Theft
Beware Credit Card Skimmers and How to Spot Them
Beware Phishing Attempts and How to Spot Them
Everything You Need to Know About Protecting Your Identity

Or, I guess you can do as my friend Sam told me on Twitter and “Be an illegal immigrant and live as a hermit in the mountains.”

2 responses to “More from National Protect Your Identity Week”

  1. David @ Money Under 30

    Great coverage of National Protect Your Identity Week, Stephanie! Thanks for the links to my series. Cheers!

  2. Roger

    Good job on your National Protect Your Identity Week posts, Stephanie; they were all excellent reading and very informative. Interesting picture to go with it as well.

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