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Dumb Companies

Identity Verification Sucks! (Again!)

After my friend’s troubles with verifying his identity for ING Direct, and their subsequent explanation of the incident, I didn’t expect to be writing about identity verification for a while. Sure, there were lessons to be learned and research to be done, but we knew that research would take months and months to complete, due […]

ING Responds to Electric Orange Security Issue

When we last left our friend Rick*, he’d been told that he could never open an ING Electric Orange account, and he was scrambling to figure out what company is giving out false information about his identity. Since then, ING Direct has responded to both Rick and myself. Here is a portion of the email […]

Something is Rotten in the State of ING Direct

This complex tale started on Saturday and has not yet fully played out. I’m breaking the story now, but there will be updates to this post as additional details are known. Please read the post in its entirety before asking any questions… but questions are welcome. The Players ING Direct: My favorite bank, which I […]

Why I’m Glad I Never Got My American Girl Doll

When I was a little girl, American Girl dolls were so cool. My best friend and I were obsessed with them. We both read the books and talked about how much we wanted dolls of our own, and poured over the catalogs, pointing out all the accessories we’d get when we finally got our dolls. […]