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Lazy Sunday

Special Monday Edition: Lazy Sunday

This Lazy Sunday comes to you… on a Monday. I specifically waited an extra day so that I could post the results of the blog scholarship – voting for which ended at 3am Eastern time, this morning. Congratulations to Kim Klein, the grand prize winner! She’ll have a nice $10,000 to help her get her […]

Get $10 for and Cook by the Numbers: Lazy Sunday

It’s time for another Lazy Sunday – I’m sick, so I’m trying to stay in bed as much as possible. Apparently “staying in bed” means “taking two trips to the mall,” but I must never end my search for a pair of pants that actually fit me! Anyway, here’s your Lazy Sunday picks for today: […]

Feed the Pig, Win the Best Blog: Lazy Sunday

 I’d like to take this opportunity on a lazy Sunday (although it’s not so lazy for me – I’ve got a pile of homework to get through!) to pull together some interesting bits of this and that from around the web-o-sphere. Take a look. Feed the Pig – this little calculator is out to beat the […]