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6 responses to “Three Quick Financial Fixes for College Students”

  1. Nnamdi

    I have always meant to open one of the higher-yielding savings accounts. ING always seems to have good rates.

    Question: Do the online banks function much differently than physical ones? Is there any way I can get my money from an ATM without paying a fee?

    1. Stephanie

      ING has a checking account as well, which comes with a debit card that will let you get cash from your account using any ATM on the Allpoint network – which is actually quite a lot of ATMs! (Including all of the ATMs in 7Elevens!) I have both the savings and checking account, and when I need cash I just look for a 7Eleven to use my debit card.

      But if you just get the savings account, you’ll have to link it to a checking account at a physical bank and move your money electronically between the two accounts. Some people see this as an advantage: you can’t just raid your saving account for cash, you have to wait a few days and think about what you’re getting the money out for. Food for thought.

  2. Justin

    I did a little bit of planning for college before I started and begin throwing the money I made during the summer into an ING savings account. That way when I ran out of money half way through my freshman year I had additional funds available.

  3. Britney Mason

    One of the easiest ways to boost savings can be to reduce the amount of money you spend. Like you stated above, it’s hard to save in college. It can be so easy to go into the student union or bookstore and spend everything you have on some supplies.

    At, we help college students to save money. Renting textbooks is an easy, cheap way to get what you need for school. Our turnaround is quick and our textbooks are high-quality…just like buying them at the school bookstore.

  4. Bookrenter Coupon

    Renting textbooks can definitely save you some money each term. One thing to be sure of is that you order your books in advance from the start of the term. I have made the mistake of not ordering my books on time and was forced to pay high costs because I couldn’t wait for the shipping time.

    Thanks for the great information and well written post!

  5. Huey

    I used to photocopy some chapters from textbook. No doubt it might infringe copyright, somehow i wont photocopy the whole book, just some chapters from various books and combine the best resources and make into my own textbook.

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