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10 Places to Make Money Online

One of the most frequent reader questions on Poorer Than You is “How do I make money online?” This week’s guest post tackles 10 ways you can do just that, legitimately and with no start-up costs. This guest post is from education writer Karen Schweitzer. Karen is the Guide to Business School.

Grads who are interested in making extra cash can find plenty of opportunities online. Some of the opportunities provide enough income to leave the daily grind behind, while others offer just enough pocket change to pay off extra debt or cover the cost of a few nights’ entertainment. It all depends on the job and the amount of time you are willing to invest. If you are looking for a few new opportunities to try, here are 10 places where you can legitimately make money online.

Demand Studios – Writers, copyeditors, and filmmakers can find thousands of freelance jobs at Demand Studios. You pick when you work, which assignments you take, and collect your pay twice per week.

Suite101 – Suite101 pays writers to write on a variety of different topics. Writers can choose when to write and receive lifelong royalties generated by their articles.

Associated Content – Associated Content (AC) contributors can claim writing assignments or submit an article on any topic. Upfront payment ranges between $2 and $20 per article. Writers also receive additional pay based on page views.

Guru – After signing up for an account on Guru, writers, editors, translators, graphic designers, photographers, web experts, business professionals, and other freelancers can bid on a variety of projects from paying employers.

CafePress – Artists and anyone else with basic knowledge of Photoshop can create and sell a wide range of products through free online CafePress shops. Product options include clothing, posters, bumper stickers, mugs, messenger bags, and more.

Imagekind – Imagekind is an art community for artists who want to promote and sell their work online. Artists set the price, keep rights to their artwork, and even make a commission when somebody buys an accompanying frame from the site.

TeachStreet – TeachStreet is a good place for teachers, instructors, and educators to make money online via classes, workshops, and events. Students can sign up for a class and send payment through the site.

ChaCha – ChaCha Guides can get paid to answer questions on topics they are knowledgeable about. For each question they answer, guides receive points which can then be converted into cash at the end of every month.

Ether – Accountants, consultants, bloggers, computer whizzes, and anyone else who is an expert on a specific topic can earn money by sharing knowledge through emails or phone calls. Experts can set their hourly price and determine when they will be available to help Ether users.

ClickBank – ClickBank affiliates get paid up to 75% commission by promoting products through their website or blog. Tens of thousands of different products are available for promotion.

Have you had any luck with these services? PTY author Stephanie has made a bit of money with eHow, a division of Demand Studios. Share your stories in the comments!

51 responses to “10 Places to Make Money Online”

  1. Regina Jank

    Have you personally used any of the freelance writing sites you mentioned? What if you have no professional writing experience? I enjoy writing and have been told I’m decent at it, but I’d have to start small. Very small.

  2. Wendy E.

    Thanks for this list! Will definitely try some out.

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  4. Jeff

    Great list. With the exception of clickbank, many of these solutions are essentially selling a service, such as writing, or selling a product.

    I also think there are alot of opportunities online through being a webmaster with your own sites. These include affiliate marketing where you get a commision on selling other peoples products to your traffic (e.g. clickbank as mentioned, but also other networks such as, ebay partner program and amazon, …) or pay per click programs such as Google AdSence.

    Probably the best way to look at trying to make money here is through a combination of getting your feet wet getting websites out and getting traffic to them as well as studing relevent webmaster forums ant what not.


  5. LeanLifeCoach

    I’ve also had good luck over the past year with to sell homemade items and to sell old books and CD’s.

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  7. Sam

    Thanks for the list. I’ve been experimenting with a few online ideas, but unfortunatly have had little success. I am very curious about some of the suggetions you made above. I like the idea that you can pick and choose in terms of when and how much you work. I think it’s the freedom that most people value. Cheers.

  8. Kai Lo

    Out of the list, I’m a huge fan of making money with Clickbank.

    -Kai Lo
    Twitter @lomak1985

  9. Sahail Ashraf

    Good list.

    But I think your readers need to be a little cautious. Many online money making sources offer little money for a lot of work.

    Affiliate marketing takes six months to establish, and that is if you are good at it. Professional affiliates earn a lot, but that takes a massive amount of work.

    iFreelance is a good and still reputable site for writing jobs, and you can create a portfolio there, which will solve the problem of not having writing experience.

    Like most things on the net, you can make it with hard work. Writing is a good way in, because you are selling a service, rather than something you have little control over.

  10. john hayat

    Hi Guys

    I see that lot of readers here are not sure if they can make money with the above sites.

    I have personally used clickbank and Associated Content and yes I am still making money with both of them. Infact I have gone full time thanks to these 2 sites

    1. missie

      Please can you tell me the methods you use to get money on clickbank…I don’t just know how to go about it. And I need money for tuition asap. I’m just depressed and too disappointed.I need a coach for it.

  11. Ryan @ Planting Dollars

    I’ve had a little luck with as well. Good list, some of these I haven’t tried yet.

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  13. Eleazar | Entrepinoy Bank

    Of all the money-making sites you have mentioned, only ClickBank attracted me. I recently using ClickBank in my affiliate marketing venture with the help of Ewen Chia’s super affiliate marketing course.

  14. mike

    Have you seen SBI! 2.0? I’ve built my site through them. It costs a bit up front ($299) but the support and guidance is fantastic. My site has been up for a little more than 5 months, it is getting around 100 uniques a day from search engines and traffic is growing steadily.

    I implemented adsense yesterday on a handful of my pages and have already got some clicks. The only reason I held off implementing it was because I wanted to do it at the same time as I updated my look-and-feel.

    The big differences between SBI! and most of the above are:
    * you get taught, step by step, how to build a sucessful business

    * you own your own business at the end (as opposed to eg squidoo owning your pages)

    * you can earn passive income – with an established site you can go away for a month and adsense income still comes in

    * it is not get-rich-quick : building a business takes lots of time and effort, but at the end you build something with lasting value

    * the emphasis shifts from “do some work to earn money” to run a business to earn money. I intend to outsource some of the work, such as link building, which is how business leaverage their position over individual work.

    My current take home pay from my real job is £2000 per month (after taxes etc…) and I have clear business aims with this site – £100 per month in the next 6 months, £500 per month in the next 12 months.

    So, my advice – avoid the above as they are really just distractions. You might make a few quid short term, but nothing longer term. If you have time and energy look at SBI! and build a web business instead.

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  16. graham

    I have to say the best i have found has to be clickbank, it is a lot easier to sell an ebook than it is to sell a physical product.

    Just my opinion.


  17. Christina

    Very helpful, I’ll surely try some of this stuff and hopefully it could provide an extra income. Thanks.

  18. Laura

    ChaCha is currently accepting applications to become guides. I am in the training phase right now. :)I had completely forgotten about this site until I saw your post today.

    I had problems with Guru. There was a lot of competition for freelance work.

    An alternative to CafePress is a company called Zazzle. You can setup a store front free and get commission on your sales. It also has a good referral system.

  19. Kevin

    I have done Associated Content and Cafepress (although I also have had more success on Zazzle).

    Ever try GPT sites? I have made some nice money from Cashcrate.

  20. Mike

    The digital products are easier to manage than a physical one especially if your starting out.

  21. Matt

    Great list!

    The only one I knew about was click bank, never thought there was that many possibilities to find online jobs!

    Thanks for the info!!


  22. Connie Harris

    I tried Associated Content but I guess I can leave the first 1,50 dollars I will earn to my granddaughter. You have to be a really catchy writer, to be able to write every day about the newest hot topics and to persevere. If I had so many articles, I would create my own blog and I think I would earn more. But I will give a try to the rest of the sites you mentioned; it is a valuable list, thank you!

  23. Gary Oneill

    Always looking for good ideas to make money ,nice site thanks..

  24. Sven Cooke

    Thanks for the information. You provide a great deal of clear information. As the man says we all want to make money.

    Many thanks

  25. TriNi @ Make Money Online Free

    This list was one of the best I’ve seen in a while. I saw some new sites that I’ve never even heard about. I’m into the “make money online” field too so I love when I can read and learn from others. Thanks for the great ideas, I’m hoping to recreate a new list that I’ll soon post on my own blog and hopefully I can include some of the ways you’ve mentioned here.

  26. Todd @ Maverick MoneyMakers

    That is a longer list than I usually see. I have a friend who is considering writing for pay, and it is a good base for us to start searching from. Thanks for the heads up!

  27. Kris Beus

    Wow you really hit the majority of websites out there which do actually pay and do NOT charge. Very good job pointing out these valuable resources. Personally my two favorite that I have had the most luck with is associated content and click bank.

  28. Tom | The Top 10 Article Directories

    I notice you mentioned Suite101 – a couple of similar directories are also and

    I take a detailed look at these in my last blog post, which looks at the top 10 article directories. While suite101/helium/bukisa are not so suitable for affiliate marketers, they offer a great option for anyone wanting to get paid to write.

  29. Richard @ Debt Assistance Guru

    Another freelancing site worth mentioning that I have had excellent results from is The costs of doing business are typically lower than and over the years I have earned quite a decent amount of money in my free time by building websites and writing articles. I have also found several regular clients there over the years who have offered regular, monthly work in exchange for articles of a specific topic.

    One final tip worth mentioning is that Problogger has a bloggers job board where you can also find regular work in terms of creating content for blogs.

  30. Sim @ Info Prodigy

    I recommend you Clickbank..Its the best for beginners..BTW thanks for the list!

  31. Jason

    Thanks for this list! I currently use commission junction and clickbank. I’ll have to check out the other ones that I was not aware of.

  32. Peter Dunin

    Great list thanks,I was wasn’t aware of most of some of

  33. James Rollins @ make money online

    ClickBank is my personal favorite on this list. Everything else works ok, but isn’t as great. My number one favorite way to make money is with Google Adsense. Idk why, but I’m addicted to it and HAVE to keep increasing my earnings every month.

  34. Anthony @ ETF Trading Alerts

    Elance is a good place to offer almost any service or to hire people. We have hired many amazing writers at elance over the years to help with background content writing. Youtube is also an overlooked place, for those that are graphically gifted it can be a treasure trove of huge traffic volumes.

  35. Marlene

    This is a great list of ideas. I am looking for more ways to make many online. Right I am only making extra money by doing paid surveys. I have made a decent amount of money so far. In about four months I’ve managed to make over $300. However, I want to expand upon what I have been doing. You have definitely given me some ideas to consider.

  36. John Gamings

    I’ve been writing for Demand Studios for awhile now and IMHO it kinda sucks. I’m a personal trainer/nutritionist and write for the healh and fitness section and while I’m sure the editors are good at writing, most of them have no concept of of health or fitness and often make ridiculous changes to my articles that make no sense. Definitely not my favorite site

  37. glai

    Is Clickbank really working? I mean am I gonna really earn money from it? i want to try them but I need some more opinions regarding this. Thanks for the post!

  38. Ryan @ Creating a Website

    I’ve written a few articles for demand in the past and it’s crazy how many writing assignments you can pick up if you’re willing to work hard. Some people even make $50k a year just writing articles.

    However, I wonder how it’ll change with Google’s algo change to get rid of “content farms.”

  39. Craig@protected trust deed

    I have found Squidoo is a very useful tool to make money. i have written a few articles on there and while i give the money to charity there is certainly good potential to earn money.

  40. Matt Poc

    Hey there,

    This is a great article, I think you put quite a lot of efforts while writing this article 🙂

    By the way, when someone thinks about making money online, they think there is a push button solution. Because they think like that, they never make even a single dollar. It is much easier to make a killing online by building a real long term business. However, there are tools, but not “overnight” solutions. So many people buy a product after product only to find out that it is not a push button solution. When I see hype on a sales letter, I tend to ignore buying that product, because usualy it is a rubbish product.

    I just invest my money into products which don’t promise overnight solutions and are produced by well known maketers. My favourite marketers at the moment are Lee McIntyre Sean Doanhoe, Kim Roach. What are your favourite marketers? By the way my favourite marketer Sean Donahoe is going to launch a new product very soon (Extreme Niche Empires), I think that Extreme Niche Empires by Sean Donahoe will be a great product and I am going to buy it, write a review and offer a bonus. I will put my review on this site: Extreme Niche Empires Review

  41. Ryan

    This site is awesome, you just watch 30 seconds ads and rate them easy as that. Sign up for free

  42. Alex K.

    Great post Stephanie! I’ve been using Clickbank for over 3 years now and made really good money.. What I’m also using is Get Cash for Surveys.. It’s making me some extra money every month.. Stephanie, I strongly suggest you to read this Get Cash for Surveys Review..

    Again, thanks a lot for this cool post.. I’m going to use ChaCha soon..

  43. hassan

    good posting, and good information
    think you for all

  44. Jose Pablo

    pls tell me an good idea for earning online .is there typing jobs to earn online and onother jobs for making money fast. seriously i want to make money online .pls anybody help me.

  45. Mike Smith

    I have had success with a couple of those options. clickbank of course but I have also found even greater success with some of the others things you posted there like cafepress and cha cha. I myself had a lot fo time to do this tho fr I was laid off not everyone will have time for all the options but i do suggest them to try as much a spossible.

  46. Fanduel

    I think Clickbank can make you the most money out of the ten, but blogging about all ten will make you the most money 😀 right?

  47. roger

    great post but If you are involved in internet marketing, and affiliate marketing, not only is GS2.0 for you, but you should only be recommending a product or system of high quality and value. Once you get hold of this product, you are required to pre-sell the product to your customers, meaning that you have to be able to gain your prospects trust in your recommendation. However, to achieve this you must first have lots of targeted traffic to your website. Having no traffic means that no customers will view your offer, consequently, you will not make any money. This is what GS2.0 will do for you in spades!

  48. Cal

    Im trying to find a way to make extra money online but I cant seem to find a legit place. Can some one help me find one please.

  49. You work for scam Artist

    Look up clickbank. It has taken so many people’s money! No refund, no phone calls, NO WAY TO GET YOUR MONEY BACK! HOw dare you even write this page.

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