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$50 from Capital One 360

I’ve opened up an account with ING Direct (now called Capital One 360) , so now I have a referral link to give out! If you don’t already know about Capital One 360, they offer both checking and savings accounts with excellent rates. You can learn a bit more about high yield online accounts in Back to Basics: Savings Accounts.

Use this link to get up a $50 bonus when opening a new Capital One 360 account:

With this referral link, you can take advantage of one of these awesome deals:

$50 bonus when you open a 360 Checking Account: 0.20% APY, no fees, no minimums, FDIC-insured, free Mastercard debit card, free bill pay, free Person2Person transfers, free postage (they’ll mail your paper checks for you!), free check deposit by smart phone, and a ton of other free features too numerous to list here!

$25 bonus when you open a 360 Savings Account: 0.75% APY – *Please note* For the 360 Savings, your opening deposit on the account must be $250 or more to get the $25 bonus. FDIC-insured, no fees, no minimums, links to your current checking account for free, easy transfers.

$25 bonus when you open a Kids Savings Account: 0.75% APY, kid-friendly interface, no fees, no minimums,  and kids get their own sign-in information so that you can both access the account.

$25 bonus when you open a MONEY Teen Checking Account: 0.25% APY, no fees, no minimums, free Mastercard debit card to start a teen off using a great checking account, responsibly.

Remember, to take advantage of these bonus offers, you must sign up by visiting the referral link:

19 responses to “$50 from Capital One 360”

  1. Anon

    Thanks for the orange savings referral, only one left now.

  2. Dave Mason

    I once met the owner of ING Arkadi Kuhlman. He was a very cool guy. This was before he even was involved with ING. I had a feeling he would do great things.

  3. Kevin M

    I just opened my electric orange account with your referral link.


  4. Jim

    I just opened an Electric Orange account with your referral link. Thanks! Feel free to cross it off, I used the second link.

  5. Jo Ann

    Hi..referral links showed the message you listed above in red? thx

  6. Kate

    Hey, I just found your blog from the Laptop giveaway thing, but it’s fantastic, I’ve been reading tons from your archive and definitely plan to keep reading!

    Anyway, just opened an account with a referral link – my high interest WaMu account just got bought by Chase, so I figured it was time to switch :(

    But ING Direct seems quite cool, even if they aren’t giving QUITE as much interest, it’s close! And I like the idea of the sub-accounts :)

    Anyway, thanks for the referral link – and for having such an awesome blog!

  7. Alex @ Forum Indonesia

    I have been checking this blog and its archives for the last two days, it is quite unique and helpful blog. My bad luck that ING Direct is not available in my country

  8. Christina Catana in Toronto

    Its great that ING is giving the $25 bonus. And thanks to you for sharing the information. I think most people should have accounts with these virtual banks… since they don’t charge transaction fees!!

  9. shannon

    ING rocks, people save heaps with them.

  10. Mike @ College Students Are Poor

    This is a great idea! I have an ING account but haven’t even utilized the referral system yet. Thanks for coming up with this!

  11. Jill

    I just stumbled upon your blog and I love it! Thanks for all the tips.

    I’d like to open an ING account and help you towards your emergency fund as well. Please add on additional referral links, so we can get this party started! :)

  12. christy

    I have 41 referral links left for orange $25 bonus for opening an orange savings account with $250.00, not sure how to post the links, but I can email them directly to you. Anyone interested contact me.

  13. Klaus

    Hello, I log on to your new stuff on a regular basis. Your
    humoristic style is witty, keep it up!

  14. Stephanie

    Does the $25 bonus still work, even for existing customers? I have had a Capital One 360/ING Direct checking for a few years, but now want to open a savings account. I want to wait for a time when they offer me the $25 bonus though. Thank you.

  15. Hazelip

    You even get bonuses for opening savings accounts for your kids.

  16. Terry

    So I signed up, but it said that $275 is less than $250 so I won’t get a bonus. Maybe because I have a Cap One credit card, it doesn’t consider me a new customer, and doesn’t have appropriate error messages?